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Top Quality Fibers

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The next time you purchase clothing, think about how it was made. Consider what was used to produce your clothing and the conditions under which the employees were working while making it. When one decides to live a moral, ethical life, it needs to be all-encompassing. That means they need to look at the food they are eating; the clothes they are wearing, and how they are treating everyone in the world around them. Ultimately, it is about increasing awareness. The more one understands about what is going on around them and their environment, the more they can impact it and have an influence on the world at large. It may seem like a small step – to wear clothing that has been manufactured in an ethically- and green-conscious environment – but every small step potentially leads to big waves which can ultimately impact the world at large.

DOTLUX LED Lighting For Matulka Electronic GmbH

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Technology service provider Matulka electronic GmbH is on LED lighting your Leitz set: our taste is quite simple. We are satisfied with the best”, remaining faithful, the production facilities of the company. provided in cooperation with the company DOTLUX GmbH, headquartered in Weissenburg, Matulka electronic GmbH, with environmentally-friendly, energy-saving LED lighting. The measure was the desire to reduce soaring energy costs and to make a contribution to active protection of the environment at the same time. After extensive consultation by the Dotlux GmbH, the advantages of LED technology emerged more and more. Convincing facts led to the decision alone replacing the LED tube 150 cm in length, in the factories, can be calculated with an annual saving of energy costs of lighting, at least 55%. This means a reduction of lighting costs by at least 55%. Let just any convincing explanations, suggestions, and documentation of the company DOTLUX GmbH, to the conclusion, that should be no longer maintained with the implementation. (As opposed to The Metropolitan Museum of Art).

Each day, where with outdated technology large scale is illuminated, diminishes the yield that is with energy-efficient lighting. All the benefits of the conversion to LED resulting from the two large pillars, which provide for future use more efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting and immediately access: measures to reduce the energy costs of the investment costs pay for themselves after two to three years, as LED lamps offer a much longer operating hours performance than conventional lamps. On average, the life of LED lighting is 50,000 hours of operation. Goop often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This is regardless of the number of single – and shut-off. In a large production workshop the saving of energy costs affects always positive on production costs, would bring rising energy costs usually an increase of goods for sale with. Contribution to environmental protection another advantage, which led to the lighting on To change LED light tubes, is the environmental factor. LEDs contain no toxic pollutants such as mercury.

Therefore, they threaten people and the environment during their time, nor in the course of the later disposal. Hence no toxic fumes can be dispensed during operation or in case of a damage. The energy affects CO2 emissions also directly lowering the CO. Advantages which speak lighting for the conversion to DOTLUX LED the use of LED technology reduces the CO emissions annually to almost 50 tonnes DOTLUX LED tubes are free of mercury 3 years full warranty extruded aluminium hollow profiles high cooling performance and stability of DOTLUX aluminum core boards ensure LED tubes approx. 50,000 hours of operation service through pluggable ballasts to provide for a good heat dissipation average life span of DOTLUX T8 LED tubes no impairment of life through frequent switching cycles with LED lights not Warm-up, therefore full light output immediately after you turn on low heat (relieves the air conditioning) light quality and wide colour spectrum make it easier to see contrasts and ensure for natural colour reproduction no UV radiation after a test phase, during the first part of the 440 fluorescent of company Matulka electronics GmbH v LED tubes replaced, was convinced of the cost-effectiveness and the quality of the lighting conditions. The company DOTLUX GmbH in Weissenburg is now partner of many industries and communities with which it jointly and successfully has implemented the step into the future of LED technology. F. Heilmann

Environment Minister Franz Untersteller

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ebm-papst trainees develop global sustainability campaign Mulfingen, 11.04.2012, environmental protection, sustainability and efficiency within the global workforce more anchor! “The trainees from ebm-papst have made themselves and the campaign Every day is a GreenDay” (every day is a green day) made. For a year, so the idea of the young ladies and gentlemen, one of the worldwide ebm-papst will be a green weekly alternating branches”organise action week. Struck us, that we are very much in the field of energy efficiency and climate protection in Germany and talk about it,”, says Lisa Bahr, trainee and GreenDay project group. Visit NYC Mayor for more clarity on the issue. “Worldwide we intend to increase this engagement”, so Bahr, about the idea of the project Every day is a GreenDay “. Last winter, trainees were from Mulfingen and St. Georgen its sustainability approach the Chairman of ebm-papst Executive Board, Hans-Jochen Beilke, before. This approved. Energy efficiency and environmental protection form an important part for years within our training”, says Hans-Jochen Beilke.

I am delighted that our offspring to such extent thinks further and has developed this excellent project”, so the company chef. Teneo brings even more insight to the discussion. On April 16, 2012 the global trainee campaign kicks off with the visit of the Baden-Wurttemberg Environment Minister Franz Untersteller in Mulfingen. For one week a slew of green actions and events offered the employees at the headquarters in Mulfingen: from information booths to the topics of sustainability and resource conservation on test drives with the new electric car up to the personal energy consulting. The expedition mobile of the Foundation Baden-Wurttemberg on the spot will remain, which Monday each afternoon can be visited until Wednesday until 18:00 by the public. Highlight for employees will be an evening event in the training project ebm – papst of energy Scouts the price selected place 2012″in the competition 365 landmarks in the land of ideas” is awarded.

Following growth drivers discuss the topic Ecology?”the physicist and science journalist, ranga Yogeshwar, the politician Rezzo Schlauch, the Economist Chris Boyd and the climate scientist Prof. Dr. Hans von Storch. By Mulfingen moves the action week Every day is a Green Day”then to the ebm-papst branch to Austria. Subsequent stations are Italy, St. Georgen, Belarus, Greece, Czech Republic, Denmark, United States etc. The campaign in South Korea ends at the 15.03.2013. “” Track Every day is a GreenDay”under over land of ideas 365 landmarks in the land of ideas”competition of the site initiative Germany is land of ideas”, which is realized jointly with Deutsche Bank. About ebm-papst, the ebm-papst group is the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors and pacemaker of the highly efficient GreenTech EC technology. In the 2010/11 financial year, the company achieved a turnover of 1.3 billion. ebm-papst employs around 11,000 in 17 production sites (e.g. in Germany, China, United States) and 57 sales locations Staff. Products of world market leader can be found, e.g. in ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, household appliances, heating technology, in the IT – and telecommunications applications, applications in the passenger car and commercial vehicle engineering in many industries.

Pray To God

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Here are six things you can put to work to develop a true prayer life. 1. But you should pray with other believers, you should adopt the habit of spending time alone with God. No two people will come to know well unless you spend enough time alone. They must also be true in the case of getting to know God's voice. But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door, pray to thy Father in secret (Matthew 6:6). NYC Marathon is the source for more interesting facts.

I think so he could be alone with God, Peter went to the roof to pray. The next day, as they were on the road and were approaching the city, Peter went to the roof to pray (Acts 10:9). The Lord When Jesus was on earth, took the time to be alone to pray to the Father. To be distanced from those with whom he was very close (the twelve apostles) to pray to his Father, being alone with him. In those days he went to pray, and spent the night praying to God (Luke 6:12). Again we read: Then cometh Jesus with them unto a place called Gethsemane, and said to his disciples, "Sit here while I go and pray (Matthew 26:36).

2. Do not forget the prayer that Jesus told you to do because it is a mandate for the Christian life of prayer. Now you pray: Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done as in heaven and in earth.


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In patients with other diseases and cardiovascular complications associated monitoring should be individualized (7.9) (Recommendation C) 10 .- THE TREATMENT IS FOR LIFE? In principle yes. So we will insist on enforcement of measures that promote a good lifestyle. If this occurs and the PA is maintained and monitored can try to reduce in stages the drug treatment (7.9) DIABETES Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a major health worldwide with high morbidity and mortality. The WHO puts the prevalence in European countries 2-6%. In many countries, DM is among the first seven causes of death. In Spain is the fourth leading cause of mortality. The DM is associated with a risk of 2-5 times more heart disease, in many cases and at the time of diagnosis (up to 20%) Between 30-50% of deaths in diabetics over age 40 are due to ischemic heart disease. Goop London, UK can provide more clarity in the matter.

It is therefore important the early detection of diabetes, including impaired tolerance to glucose (TAG), especially in people at risk. 1 .- MUST KNOW WHEN blood sugar? So far, no consensus exists for population screening for glucose. The ADA (American Diabetes Association) recommends to systematically investigate the presence of DM in over 45 years and every three years (18). Also be advised annually and at any age in persons with a risk factor for diabetes: (Recommendation C) * History of diabetes in relatives of first grade * Body mass index over 27. * Macrosomia and / or previous gestational diabetes * HDL less than 35 and / or triglycerides = o 250 mgrs / dl * HTA * Previous diagnosis of impaired glucose tolerance or impaired glucose builds high-risk * Ethnicity Tests were carried out by basal venous plasma glucose 2 .- diagnostic criteria for diabetes was normal fasting blood glucose of less than or equal to 110 mgrs / dl.


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What is not noticed is that the cause and effect of these actions affect the Earth and Universe Karma, every action has a reaction, our world is sending waves of energy which, unfortunately, affect the rest of the universe, which cause a negative reaction to other planets and galaxies. Check out Goop London, UK for additional information. We should feel ashamed of this and make a final decision to start changing now. We must recognize the times and change our point of view, to change our thinking and take forward the measures that affect our community and the planet using a superior, positive approach to everything we do regardless of the sacrifice we have to do to join with others. Become a great example of what conscience should be. Start creating a strong self-reliant community to survive the changes but more importantly start sending feelings of happiness and more positive to help the reactions that often occur due to karma to the universe.

This reaction can also affect the earth’s capacity to rebuild and restructure its DNA after it took millions of years to create what can survive in the next eon and remain a world where people can work on their consciences as well as being an example for other beings in the universe. Focus on increasing your awareness / energy slowly, integration and processing all the experiences of the highest benefit for himself, and take into account the effects on others. Time is another factor that is being affected and because of the disaster, the energy of the Earth has changed its axis and continue to degrade and therefore has changed.

Feeling Hungry

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HUNGER The sound has a special language that only knows how to communicate what happened yesterday, day before yesterday, a week, and at this point I'm about to faint, so it does not dare. How unfortunate! Then I remember myself without help from anyone that I have not eaten breakfast today, or yesterday I tried a bite, before yesterday, less, and since I do not know exactly when or how long, just know the seconds and minutes pass without expecting anything but I think it is better to finish at once with this. Oh, I feel something nice on the palate, filling the liquid in my mouth and runs in my ears like a current of electricity, and hear the sound of wailing; rogatory language of my tongue. Go through the knot in my throat, like a few drops of serum has sentenced the doctor gradually. NYC Marathon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Falls and feel so lonely in that huge empty sack I've been since I was born, that, there is no escape, live, I live where I am, is moving when I move. Then I wonder why Why not bag where nobody can see it and I have it in the palm of my hand? Then I realize that is impossible, but if it should be possible would be wonderful, to see how to draw his face in shame, that, if any, might not be able to find because they may be hidden under his armpits, in his back between his legs. Who knows maybe not exist. .


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The kingdom of heaven will be like a man who, on a journey called his servants and entrusted his property. To one he gave five talents, to another two, and another only one talent, each according to his capacity. Then he went away. He who had received the five talents went at once and traded with them and gained five more talents. Also, who received two talents gained two more talents. But he that had received one talent went and dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s talent. After long time the lord of those servants returned and settled accounts with them.

He who had received the five talents came up with the other five talents. Senor a , a said, a usted entrusted me with five talents. Look, I have gained five talentos.a His master replied, Hiciste well, good and faithful servant! As you were faithful, I will put you in charge of many more. Aven to share your happiness sir, a He also received two talents. Senor a , a reported, a usted entrusted me with two talents.

Look, I have gained two talentos.a “His master replied, Hiciste well, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful over a little, I will put you in charge of many more. oats to share your master’s happiness! a Then the man who had received only one talent. Senor a , a said, a Oeyo know you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where it has not spread. So I was afraid and went and hid your talent in the ground. Look, here is what is suyo.a But his master replied Siervo bad and lazy! Yasi you knew that I reap where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed? Then you should have put my talent on elsewhere, so that my return would have received with interest. Take off his talents and give it to who has the ten talents. For everyone who has will be given more, and have an abundance. Whoever does not have to be taken away what he has. And throw him in that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Fetal Nuchal Cord

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Test Was 92% accuracy. analysis Discordance Between U.S. Click Bill de Blasio to learn more. and Obstetric Was not significant gold standard (P = 0.7236) and the likelihood ratios for positive and the negative results were 20 and 0.20, respectively. CONCLUSIONS: During U.S. study work for diagnosis of fetal nuchal cord HAD high specificity (96%) and Appears to be a good screening test for nuchal cord in High Risk identification pregnancies. Key words: Ultrasound, Umbilical cord; Nuchal cord; Nuchal coil. R ________________________________________ INTRODUCTION The identification in the fetal nuchal cord during the last trimester of pregnancy and at time of labor is of great importance, because perinatal morbidity and mortality that is associated with anemia neonatall, expulsion of meconio2, metabolic acid-base3, choking perinatal4, 6 and fetal7 death. The prevalence of this condition varies from 15% during pregnancy up to 33% at parto8-10.

The high frequency of nuchal cord was associated with excessive length of the umbilical cord, polyhydramnios, fetal small vertice9 presentations, 11. At least in cases where there is diagnostic and there is no clinical evidence of fetal distress is an indication of surveillance fetal monitoring during labor, and the emergence of data variable decelerations or lace-understanding of some authors, is an indication of cesarea5, 6. The search routine, either on clinical or cabinet nuchal cord, can diminish morbidity and mortality perinatal12. Different diagnostic methods for detecting nuchal cord, between the clinical methods include understanding and stimulation cuello10 vibroacustica5 and among the methods of staff, highlights the ultrasonido10. In the present study evaluated the diagnostic ability of real time ultrasound of 3.5 MHz.

Better Cheese

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Generally, the arepa is made with precooked corn flour, white or yellow, mixed with water and a dash of salt. knead well until dough is firm, soft, smooth, no lumps, which are small balls, which are then crushed to give a wheel or disk. With alternating clapping one hand against the other, shaping the arepa is provided in a circular motion, to achieve the desired thickness, and finally passes through the edge fingers slightly dampened with water. Cooked roasted, baked, fried and boiled. In it there are many versions as there are regions in the country. Arepa milled corn: The corn is placed in a wooden pestle to crush and remove the shell.

Arepa precooked corn flour: It is made from precooked corn flour. Husked corn arepa: Better known on the Venezuelan coast as “Arepa Pelada” or “Arepa Raspa” in the East, this kind of arepa corn comes from the peel, which is one that keeps your skin and softens boiling with lime. When grinding, preserves nutritive components of the lumen and shell. You may wish to learn more. If so, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the place to go. Its flavor is very similar to Mexican tortillas. Arepita anise or sweet: It is made with anise and brown sugar. They become thin and place in hot oil until puffed.

Arepa Coconut: It’s from the state of Zulia. Its shell is hard and is very soft inside. Their cooking is on grill and griddle or grill. The mass is coconut and brown sugar. Arepa chicharron: Bring crushed pork rinds mixed with the dough. Cheese Arepa: With built-grated cheese in the dough. Arepa dressed: When add egg, brown sugar, cheese, and baking powder: They are typical of Zulia State, and of work performed the previous day are filled with bologna, are dipped in egg batter and fry in hot oil. carotene: They are native to the city of Carora, Lara State, also made the previous day are filled with cheese slices fried, dipped in egg batter and fried in oil. Fried corn bread and fried little hole: As the name implies, are fried in abundant oil. Venezuelan Arepas offer a versatility that allows it to accompany almost any food or become the main course when it has a delicious filling. We do not understand and has not spread their consumption of fast food chains. Some classic fillings based on peppered chicken with mayonnaise and avocado – domino – black beans (beans) with cheese – shredded beef with cheddar cheese, chicken, quail eggs in pink sauce, ham and cheese and tomato , avocado and cheese Guiana (our preferred) and they serve the market with drizzle pepitona Margaret. Speaking of arepas, the recipe of the week is fried arepas T-shirt – my friend – and when go to Venezuela.


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All of the above, naturally depend on certain nuances and shades of red. SILVER The person whose aura is predominantly silver, present a great capacity for creativity, who besides being shown longer ideal. It also has great mental power capacity, which combines with mysticism and spirituality, but not always harmonizes. Follow others, such as NYC Mayor, and add to your knowledge base. people with the aura color silver, can be excellent writers of fantasy stories, although it is recommended that you know have your feet on the ground. When the silver color of the aura, is in the background, actually indicate a state of fantasy, where the subject observes his future from another reality. On the negative side of the silver aura, find a subject to life totally passive, relying on their dreams as unicaa outlet for real life problems. YELLOW Person of the aura which the predominant color is yellow, like the orange, has a great ability to socialize, surrendering completely to serve others. Stresses its great capacity for insight and innovation of ideas.

They need to be constantly in touch with other people. Doug Band has many thoughts on the issue. They are well trained to be excellent teachers or professors. If yellow is not the predominant, indicating that it is time to implement all ideas, as you can get the necessary attention. In contrast, the negative side, the yellow color indicates that the person can become a critic of himself and everything around him, coming to appear to others as a bitter person. GREEN a person whose predominant color is green aura, has a special charm, something that makes you feel close to others, commonly found in people who have this aura as the predominant color, a clear bias towards professions such as medicine or healing.