1980: Reaction To The Assassination Of John Lennon

On the morning of December 9, 1980, McCartney was lifted with the news of John Lennon’s murder on the doorstep of his home in New York .
Lennon’s death created a media interest on the surviving members of The Beatles. On the night of December 8, while leaving a recording studio in Oxford Street, McCartney was surrounded by journalists who asked about his reaction to the death of Lennon. McCartney replied: “I was very touched, you know, it’s a terrible news,” adding that she had spent the day in the studio listening to new material because it “did not want to be sitting at home.” When I asked why, McCartney replied: “I had no desire.” He was then asked when he heard the news first, to which Paul replied: “In the morning, at some point,” and wonder if all the reporters knew it, as if that answered. McCartney then said: “To roll! Is not it ‘.” When the statements were published, his last gesture was widely criticized, so McCartney was sorry. It also said it had not intended to hurt, but there was a misinterpretation by the loss of words. also stressed:
Talk to Yoko the day after he killed and the first thing he said was: “John was much appreciated.” The last conversation I had with the fellow we were still good. It was always a very warm man. Solia down his glasses, those glasses grandmother, and said: “I’m just me.” The facade was just a wall. A shield. Those are the moments I appreciate most .
In 1983, McCartney said:
Typically would not have been so human and so booked if I knew that John was going to die. Would have made a greater effort to come within this “mask” and have a better relationship with. “
In an interview to Playboy in 1984, McCartney said he had gone home that night and seen the television news with their children and had cried all night. His last telephone conversation with Lennon and Yoko, before the release of Double Fantasy, was cordial. During the call, Lennon commented ironically: ” This housewife wants a career.”
In the film “The Linda McCartney Story” can be seen that Paul and Linda had visited John and Yoko on a Christmas hostilities they had since the dissolution of the group was up and which provided the opportunity to play together some day, too in the film you see that Paul is suffering too much with the death of John.
McCartney continued recording after the death of John Lennon, but do not do concerts for several years. In this regard, Paul said they felt unsafe on stage, with fear of being killed. This led to disagreement with Denny Laine, who wanted to continue to offer concerts, so I’m leaving Wings. 14
In 1981, six months after the murder of Lennon, McCartney collaborated with George Harrison and Ringo Starr in “All Those Years Ago,” Harrison tribute to his deceased partner. Later, McCartney would do the same through the theme of “Here Today”.