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Marxist Trends

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In Bolivia, in anarchism was the main force in the movement of the late stock quotes nineteenth century until the first post-war world, whose greatest stock trading strength lay in the “societies of resistance” to a guild of artisans and the “workers” to how clubs. However the competition of the Liberal Party and the stock market the Center for Labor Studies, directed by Ricardo Perales, anarchists managed price stock to retain his influence, under the leadership of Cesareo Capriles and intense activity by the priest Tomas Chavez Lobat n. stock quote Federacion Obrera Local Your stock prices continued until the late 20s as the most important, together with the Federacion Obrera Labor Marxist trend.
The FOL was created in 1927 resulting from the action of minority performers since 1923 contributed to the organization of the first unions of the Federation between bricklayers, carpenters, tailors and mechanics, almost all self-employed or small entrepreneurs. After its founding, the FOL was heterogeneous sectors including mestizos, which being located in different parts of the economy presents a complex range of internal nuances from indigenous Aymara, children selling newspapers, food and women Cholas stock retailers, smugglers , selling at markets, vegetable and flower, to a wide range of strata and workers in craft exchange breweries, tanneries, match factories, candles and cards.