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Exciting Activities In Indonesia

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Extend your summer and take an exciting tour to Indonesia! This country is so unusual that briefly about her culture, we can say 'unity in diversity'. All Indonesia – an archipelago of 13,000 islands, of which the unmanned more than manned. Different religions – Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Confucianism – mixed so that sometimes it is difficult to find any differences. Technical perfection is replaced by mega-cities of primitive way of life, should only leave the big city in the province. From September to May, mild tropical climate of Indonesia provides excellent conditions for all types of holiday – beach, active, and a combined tour.

Most popular resort of Indonesia – Bali Island. Holidays in Bali – a great beach resort of Nusa Dua, Kuta, Jimbaran and Sanur, familiarity with the original culture toradzhey, excursions to the temple of Besakih Mother at the foot of sacred Mount Agung, fascinating shopping center in Ubud crafts and plenty of entertainment in the capital of Bali – Denpasar. Unique churches, including the world's only temple inside the huge banyan tree, an ancient architecture Tanzhungpinanga, excellent golf courses, SPA-centers and beautiful beaches in Nirvana Gardens and Tanjung Said waiting for tourists on the island of Bintan. Fans of maritime adventure, water sports and diving will appreciate the holiday on the island of Lombok. K Island attractions include the ancient village of a primitive tribe Sasaki. Senggigi beaches are ideal for a quiet relaxing holiday, and the place of diving in the waters of the islands of Gili open all diversity of marine flora and fauna. Perhaps the most famous and colorful attraction of the island of Java are two grand temple complex – a Buddhist Borobudur and Hindu Prambanan.

Countless sculptures, adorn the walls of these structures as a whole, represent a picture-story about the first days of creation. Even in Java you can try to rare species of medicinal tobacco, which the Javanese themselves successfully treat pulmonary diseases. 'Earth dragon' – the so-called tourists tiny island of Komodo, the only place on the planet inhabited by direct descendants of prehistoric dinosaurs. The island of New Guinea – a fascinating tour of the route of Marco Polo. Agency 'Travel! " not accidentally stay in Indonesia recommends this fall: during this period 'the country of a thousand islands and dazzling smiles' appears before the tourists in all its glory!

Raise Sails

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Would you at least five minutes to find yourself in the shoes of a pirate, to surf the Caribbean in search of the richest treasures and exciting adventures? This opportunity gives us a computer game from the company "Akella", continuation of the famous series about pirates – 'Corsairs: City of Abandoned Ships. The game is perfect lovers of adventure and romance. In 'Le Corsaire' you'll have to feel like a seasoned maritime a wolf or a lanky pirate. In general, the game is very similar to the previous part of the 'Return of the Legends'. Of the innovations that are clearly evident, it may be noted, only two new locations, the opportunity to swim and move on depths of the sea and of course the new storyline. Everything else is unfortunately not very noticeable.

From the plot especially like to mention a couple of global and most interesting 'lines'. The first of these, as is clear in name of the game, the story us about the mysterious island, the legend – City of Abandoned Ships. And the second is based upon the works of Rafael Sabatini, and tells us the story of Peter Blood, English doctor, who by coincidence deplorable circumstances become a slave, but escapes and with his new team begins to plow the sea expanses Caribbean archipelago. There are a couple of places that you will surely be interested. For example Tenochtitlan, the capital destroyed the Aztec Empire, where our hero to meet with the ruler of the kingdom of the dead themselves. As well as hiking in Panama, under the command of the famous pirate Henry Morgan. Yet you will be able to please the underwater missions where the hero in a special suit to explore the seabed, which is also infested by its mysteries. All other jobs, which is full in any coastal town of banal and annoying.

But if you walk carefully, yet there is opportunity to stumble on something interesting. But we will not open you the all the cards of the game. Mark that something else is very difficult, except that subtle changes in the combat system and in artificial intelligence. Graphics in the game is the same as in the previous section. Then again, perhaps, better performed, but just an ordinary eye, it's hard to notice. But there is nothing surprising here. The engine, which made the game seriously outdated and long overdue send to a pension. And indeed many believe the entire series of 'Le Corsaire', starting with a 3 part failure. In part, we agree with that, but the game is worth it to pay its taking out, given the fact that these games unit. Lift sail, Captain! Game-Fort goes to boarding!

Central Naval Museum

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St. Petersburg – a great city and all walks, it can be a very long time to explore, examine from many points. Examine architectural ensembles of St. Petersburg from within komfortabelnoggo car is advisable in the version, if you have a strong not enough hours. Much more entertaining and more reliable to meet our city c, successively pass through the streets and intersections on foot, having moved to the colonnade Isaac or moving around the surface of the water in the river tram. Arriving in St. Petersburg, necessarily Make time to visit museums. It was here, in the cultural heart of the tsarist empire had storage and scrupulously guarded blade of foreign and Russian painting, the material remains of the ancient periods, anthropological and ethnographic findings.

The most famous are honored, of course, the Hermitage, Russian Museum and the Cabinet of Curiosities, but no less interesting Mikhailov Castle (a long time remained in waste, but today almost completely renovated and open for visits), the Central Naval Museum, the literary-historical museum of Anna Akhmatova, Dostoyevsky and many other museums and expositions. Excursions in St. Petersburg will remain incomplete if you did not inspire a famous residences in Pavlovsk, Pushkin, Oranienbaum. Not without reason, these suburban architectural ansmbli know around the world. Here, with great aesthetic sense and knowledge of the merged architecture and the usual northern nature, the significant achievements of his time, and yard art. Unforgettable green alleys Venice of the North, most of which, say, sung in the literature Peterhof, on the Actually this is Musema outdoors. However, Peter and its suburbs – is not only much visited tourist attractions and buildings.

If you are not satisfied with the list of popular attractions, our guides will create for your puteshestvevnnikov unusual route, this tour will take into account all your wishes and preferences. Now in St. Petersburg designed dostaochno atypical tourist plans, which attract people with different interests and abilities. Ceased to be a wonder tour across rooftops, on bicycles, kids, romantic trips for couples, etc. It should be noted that successfully developed tours of St. Petersburg – it's not just a study of memorial sites and museums, but many other elements. To help you comfortably, we will provide the ideal vehicle, hotel, arrange meals in the best restaurants in town. St. Petersburg boasts high tourist industry, so that we are free to have a unique opportunity to offer you a variety of accommodation options and services. Regardless of why you visit to the city on the Neva River – for business or to visit, spend a little bit of days in the society girl or a favorite show Venice of the North – agency SLK-Tour tell travelers how to collect a curious route, a rare find the beauty of St. Petersburg, plunge into the world of fresh news and ideas.