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Brain Function

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Even our brain is also involved in polarity with two hemispheres with different abilities (logic and analog). It also performed the synthesis of polarity in the drive through the corpus callosum that connects the two hemispheres and integrates (by the way that women have more developed corpus callosum). Having explained this, we can better understand the concept of “shadow” Everything that exists in the Totality is the archetypal principles and these are manifested in multiple ways (for example the principle of multiplication is expressed as 2 * 3,5 * 8, etc. …). The outside world is composed of the same archetypal principles that our inner world (microcosm = macrocosm), because we are all one with the totality. Our conscience when you create an identity for all archetypes choose the pole that values as good, and the pole considered evil is banished to the outside and the shadow of oneself.

The shadow is the sum of all facets of reality that the individual does not recognize itself and ruled “(Jung). But he is wrong because although the decline and his conscience will not see it, is in it, in a region of self it (in the “shadow” of his consciousness). By projecting each time rejected is that part of reality, (which is also in its shadow) it will trigger a panic reaction and repudiation. That is, casts a shadow on the outside. The environment serves as a mirror to see what we can not see us. You may find that Bill de Blasio can contribute to your knowledge. So interesting fields to work for the individual, are those who divorces because misses in his conscience and to be complete it needs to take. We believe that the world is well and good you have to banish the shadow, but it is just the opposite: the shadow contains what we need for our inner world is holy and good, in order to satisfy the principle of Unity in Polarity. And here we enter the concept of symptom.

When the individual refuses to take his conscience first, by the Law of polarity, this principle is introduced into the body through a symptom of disease because it must come in, and if it can do for awareness will in the body. Actually, the symptom is the translator body of missing the patient in his soul to be complete. It is the shadow materialized and visible through the body. He is the translator of our shadow that forces us to assume consciously rejected the principle and thus returns us our balance. This translator of principles calls our attention to those that exist in latent in us but for the obligation to decide the polarity we have not done in acts concretos.Es a translator that part of us that we have disposed of polarity consciousness. For the human being is where it always was: in the unit, you must first descend to the polarity of the material world. The solution is to go beyond the polarity, the poles unite, reconcile opposites, but the art gets only one who has seen, felt in the flesh and suffered each one of them. The translation is done in different ways.

Ammonium Chloride

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It is very good when we buy a new toy, we introduce the stack in it and it starts to function Until one hour, it stops. what we must make with the stacks that already are ' ' gastas' '? The stacks, although small, when discarded inadequately they represent a great risk to the environment. In the interior of the stacks substances are contained that if in contact with the ground, can become it infertile, and if in contact with the water it can become it improper for consumption. In the nature, annually, they are discarded millions of stacks, stacks these that contain harmful substances to the nature as: Manganese mercury, Cadmium, Nickel, Dioxide, Ammonium Chloride, Have covered and Lead. These substances come causing serious ambient impacts, as, for example, pollution of freticos sheets, damage to the ground and damage the surrounding fauna and the flora, still superficially, we run the risk of these substances to enter indirectly in our feeding through irrigation systems that remove the freticos sheet water, them if accumulate in our body, cause illnesses and other damages. But, later that the stack finishes What he is correct to make with them? Most correct, however still little spread out in Brazil, it is that these are taken to the ranks of collection of stacks for recycling. Some companies already make this as, for example, the Real Bank, that gives to the project ' ' Pope; '.

He is enough to take its used stacks for an agency that contains one ' ' Pope-pilha' ' (a cylindrical structure with a space so that the stacks are deposited). As this project exists others in Brazil, to help the environment is enough then our disposal in taking the stacks until collection ranks or ranks of recycling. The stacks after recycled if transform into diverse materials, as: Ground inks, ceramics, punishments and etc. It looks the rank of collection next to its house, divulges the information for its friends and relatives and helps to preserve the environment. It is better pra me, pra you and for all.

The Best

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Chimney Sweep – Judgment On The Internet – Mediation Allows

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Anonymous version provided by the land Court of Berlin at the disposal of the judgment to the arranging of foreign chimney sweeps ein Berliner “Local master chimney sweep” wanted to prohibit Mr. free of the ‘free’s chimney sweep GmbH”to give foreign chimney sweep. Mr free has won the case. According to our information, the judgment is final. You will find one of the land Court of Berlin at the disposal provided anonymous version of the judgment under: Landgericht_Berlin_anonymisiert-1.pdf then allowed German companies chimney sweep from the EU and from the Switzerland in Germany provide. In 2009, we have engaged a free chimney sweeps.

Details of the assignment and our experience you are welcome to questions under the following address on the Internet:… We, the community of interest against the chimney sweep monopoly, welcomed the ruling. In our opinion the chimney sweep districts nationwide introduced in 1935 should be abolished completely. A sprawl to over the years it has become useless activities emerged, which serve only, the increase in the income of the district chimney sweep. Dr.

Dr. Horst bollard of Haus & Grund Wurttemberg a symbol for useless employment, monopoly and lobbyists called the chimney sweep. See: sites/artikel.php? artikel_id = 126 the Brandenburg Minister Junghanns CDU has in the Federal Council admitted that dealing with the income of the chimney sweep and not to our State of the art heating technology: “with the accelerated modernization of combustion plants continuously the volume of her work is reduced. … This includes, to ensure that the new schedule of fees does not lead to massive loss of income.” See: plenary Protocol 858.pdf we pay for largely useless activities money. At our gas heater approximately 60 euros per year. You must be an engineer to know that natural gas heaters require no chimney sweep. Example of unnecessary chimney sweep cost: article/chimney sweep… Joachim Datko – engineer, physicist syndicate against the chimney sweep monopoly – section Bavaria Portal: Forum:

Storage Of Wood Pellets And Wood Pellet Silos Save Money

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If you have a wood pellet heating system, you can save money in the long term through the acquisition of pellets-bearing or a pellet silos. In the wake of rising oil and gas prices, many homeowners on wood pellet heating systems get. Wood pellets are cheaper than oil or gas for the extraction of energy up to 40%. If you really want to save, then it needs a wood pellets storage or wood pellet silo to buy loose pellets. Currently, loose pellets cost between 200 and 220 per tonne.

If you ordered is pellets in bags, then the same amount of wood pellets cost between 280 and 320. Some contend that Gary Shteyngart shows great expertise in this. Also, you have the whole unhealthy trafficking in human beings and open bags in the bag. A wood pellet storage or wood pellet silo with approx. 3 tons there capacity depending on the manufacturer and execution from about 1000. The textile storage bins and tissue repositories are very cheap because they are easy to transport, and anyone can build it without knowledge. So the acquisition pays off (if you do build your own) already from the fourth Filling and it saves one-third of the costs at that time approximately. If so planning the purchase of a wood pellet heating system or has already, then you should purchase a wood pellet warehouse or a wood pellet silo definitely.

The difference between camp wood pellet and wood pellets-silo is only in the form and the way how the pellets are taken. For automatic filling of pellets heating, I recommend a wood pellet silo, because there the connection of a screw conveyor is much easier. For the filling by hand, I recommend a wood pellet storage as you can there store more wood pellets at equal the area of the other form and the collection is a little easier. Frank Niggemann

No. Hassle Loans: Avail Easier And Faster

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Than the Slavic peoples are different from others? Than the Slavic peoples differ from each other, especially the Ukrainians from the Russian? As far as the mentality of a nation affects the nature of her motivation to work? The first question has already a lot of literature. But the peculiarities of Ukrainian staff motivation is poorly understood and requires special consideration. Recently, more and more experts and practitioners are convinced that the simple transfer of Western "book" methods on the Ukrainian soil often fails, causing the irony, conflict or resistance in the team … The authors are also relying on his experience, tend to recognize that the Ukrainian system of motivation must be based on grounds other than the Russian and Western (German, American, etc.). Please note that the author does not claim to ultimate truth and presents only an opinion based on professional experience and analysis few sources … What is fundamental to the mentality of "Western" employee? Weber, exploring the influence of system of thought on public life in his famous work "The Ethics of Protestantism …" argues that the origins of capitalism are rooted in the ethics of Protestantism is. Recall the basic and fundamental aspects of the theory of Max Weber: The main ethical principle of Protestantism, predetermined man to realize his vocation. "Implementation of a vocation in daily life, was based on rationalism, on such a mode of action of an enterprising man who" systematically and sensibly aimed at realizing its goal. " In Overall, all this determined spirit of capitalism.

Disfavored Ethos

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We have that to agree that the socialism for the dictatorship was a failure. This means that the socialism, or same a government model that promotes the levelling social, is impensvel nowadays? To answer this question she is necessary to establish conceptions on what it is socialism and what is communism. The communism is the older social relation. Of the times of the tribal communities of daily pay-history. that, as already it said, still persists in the confines of the planet.

In a tribal communism all share of the same corporeal properties, the same places of convivncias and have the same rights and duties. What it organizes and it differentiates is the hierarchy. The head, the son of the head and any another member of the community make use of the same material resources. All he is collective well. Since the hunting of optimum hunter until the land where if plant. This is communism. The tribal hierarchic organization if supports for the ancestry, the religion and the communion.

For a consensus it enters the inhabitants most experienced. Currently we attend the consequences most serious of the capitalism ' ' profetizadas' ' for Marx and marxists, as the extreme social inaqualities and the catastrophic ambient impacts. However the debates, movements and organizations of left continue fighting against the system. Already he was proven that social justice for the dictatorship does not function. But then what it functions? As well as the system it created ethos proper, is necessary to construct ethos that go against the ethos effective. The socialism failed. The tribal communism was embedded in the past. The humanity fits to rethink on itself. If to transform. To create new ethos. More human. The proper capitalism necessary to stimulate new ethos. The system is digging its proper hole. The bred structures had annulled a revolution possibility. Mobilization does not exist. The majority of the socialist ones for ideology does not open overloaded hand of its comfort in carres, mansions, technology and refrigerator of fast foods. In the true communism, old, rarssimo between the populations current human beings, demands ethos proper. Ethos coletivista. Ethos where the group, the collective one is always more important of what ' ' eu' '. This is almost impensvel, at least between the civilization occidental person. The socialism is possible in the Ocidente? Not. But the transformation of the essence of the necessary being to happen. It is not an option question. The world asks for aid. The disfavored humanity dies of headquarters, hunger, illnesses. They are the first ones to suffer the consequences of the ambient disasters. these consequences are going up the steps.

Types Of Art

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Express the Pop movement art the necessity of that life and art walk together, the separation does not fit in this cerne artistic. The authentic movement also made critical to the exaggerated consumption guided for the capitalism which used the art to attract consumers with what it is called transformation of the reality in hiper-reality. Resumidamente, the hiper-Real is one practical perceivable in vibrant propagandas with avantajadas forms, colors and attractiveness that if fixes in the consumers. Examples of the hiper-reality bomb the present time and are produced for all the types of consumers. Since banners, outdoors, reviewed propagandas, the desired object printed matter, has color, brightness, form and size that differs very from the real object, either it jeans, an car or a simple sandwich.

The inebria technique the spectator. It is in this aspect of acceptance of the crisis, however with critical attitude that the Pop Art envereda its antiart. Its main artist, Andy Warhol, ironizava the practical capitalist in objects and people. Pictures of great personalities as: Hand Ts-tung, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, among others, had been serigrafados in strong colors in a work in series, mechanic. With the pictures Andy Warhol it searched to demonstrate to the superficiality and the emptiness that these personalities represented. Between objects, the Campbell&#039 soup; s was ironizada demonstrating how much it was impersonal, produced in mass and with an only conceivable end: the consumption. Declared as little critical, the antiart contemporary is the art of the object, the passenger, the masses, pastiche.

It represents a total desvinculao stops with the previous projects of art and without attempt some interior of overcoming. It happens to the measure that the consumption happens and that the society searchs daily simplification of the too much complex one, the momentnea life without much rise spiritual, interpretation or virtue. The antiart contemporary is the maximum expression of the daily one – the art imitates and is the proper life.

Pearl City

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A huge number of visitors come to Beijing to visit his fabulously cheap markets. The most popular markets in Silk (Ksyushui) Pearl and Yabolu (Yabao Lua), Shop ‘Friendship’ at Yanguamenuey, department store ‘Lufthansa’ (‘Yansha’), as well as hundreds of shops on the ‘Main Street of China’ – Chanantsze. 80 km. to the north-west of Beijing are Badaling sections, Mutyanyu (90 km. to north) and Simatay (110 km. to the north-east) of the Great Wall of China (II-III century., the total length of about 6.8 thousand km.). At 200 km.

east of the capital on the banks of the Yellow Sea, lies the beautiful resort destination Beidaihe, about which goes east to the sea the end of the Great Wall. 17 km. southwest of Beidaihe to 52 km. stretches the famous ‘Golden Beach’, framed by huge sand dunes. Nearby are no less well-known seaside resorts, Hebei and Kinhuangdao.

In the ancient city Xi’an is a unique museum of terra cotta figures of warriors and horses of Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s tomb in and around Zhoukoudian are made to the list of UNESCO cultural heritage unique archaeological sites – Found for the fossils of the earliest forms of man. In Suzhou, there are more than 100 well-preserved landscape and park ensembles created by many generations of imperial dynasties. To the south-east of Beijing are the famous scenic Mount Tai – one of the most revered shrines of the five sacred mountains of Taoism, as well as the Temple of Confucius (478 BC. Oe.) architectural and park complex Yanshengun residence near the town of Qufu in complex surrounding houses and ‘Forest of Confucius’ – a huge park with unique trees and the best preserved ancient burial ground in China. Located in the city of Pingyao in Shanxi Province was founded in the VII-VIII centuries. BC. Oe. and known to the ancient city wall (1370) longer than 6 km., a temple with a wooden pavilion Chzhengosy Vanfosy (X cent.) unique temples Shuanlinsy (571) and Tsinsyuyguan (657), as well as antique shops and lots of churches and monasteries.