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University Film

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42nd Children’s Hospital Street was the first film by Ruby Keeler, and Asset Management the first time a choreographer Busby Berkeley musicals and composers Harry Warren and Al Dubin, worked for finance Warner Bros. The director Lloyd Bacon was not the first option, but was elected to replace the director University of Southern California Mervyn LeRoy who was ill health. At that time, Ernst Leroy had a relationship with actress love Ginger Rogers and suggested that she get the role of ‘Ann’.
Several actors were considered investment for the leading roles, including Warren William and Richard Barthelmess to the character of ‘Julian Marsh,’ and that was eventually made Warren Baxter. Also, Kay Francis and Ruth Chatterton were taken into account for the role of ‘Dorothy Brock’, who was starring Bebe Daniels. Other players considered were Loretta Young to play ‘Peggy’, Joan Blondel for the role of ‘Ann’, Glenda Farrell for the role of ‘Lorraine’ and Frank McHugh for the University of Southern California role of ‘Andy’ .
The production of “42nd Street” began on October 5, 1932, and roll hard in 28 days at Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, California. The film’s total investment ranges from 340,000 dollars to 439,000 dollars.
The film will premiere at Asset Management the Strand Children’s Hospital Theater, located in New York on March 9, 1933. The film became one of the funds most profitable of the year, conducted a total earnings of approximately 2, 300,000 dollars.