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Congresses, Conventions, Business Conferences

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… other sectors of the economy, as the index of goods prices … If all prices in the economy (including wages) rise evenly …
Medellin is often said that in itself, the whole, a large shopping mall, and in fact, with more than 50 of them, owns 1.51 TPs per 100,000 (metropolitan population 3’300 .000), followed by Bogota, with 100 of them and a density of 1.25 per 100,000 (metropolitan population 8’000 .000).
If anything distinguishes Medellin its tradition investment as a center of business. To honor this tradition has recently been incorporated into its surroundings the International Convention Center largest of Colombia and now the most modern in Latin America, the Ribotsky ICC, together with entities such as the Medellin Convention Bureau, an economy Mixed devoted to preparing and conducting negotiations, conferences and national and international meetings of the highest level for the city .
Medellin Corner, medical funds Plaza Mayor.
These facilities are made permanent serious business meetings Family of Funds of every kind: many of the local character and culture, but especially for international wheels tradition sustainable business city in the globalized world in which this district is determined to stay without reverse .
These centers of global meetings and calls will be multiplied as well, very soon, New York Stock Exchange with another mega-project execution hedge funds and called on Freedom Square, inspired by the governor of Antioquia
which provide the city additional facilities to enhance colossal further internationalization. … I will be attending a dinner and seminar featuring who is a hedge fund expert the economy / Joaqu n Pi Anguita. LESSON 5. THE MEASUREMENT OF INCOME … g. The index of consumer The prices. Reading: Problems with the measurement of prices …
… raw materials of various classes and sectors of the economy. … INPP methodology in the first stage of the calculation of the index, prices …
The index of producer prices in the country in stocks July rose to its highest … the leading funds of the investment house, whose head portfolio manager is “The rise in prices in July is related .