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Ten Commandments

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Earthquakes and natural disasters are not just mechanical accommodation of natural systems. Process also exacerbate these natural disasters, human behavior generally negative. A human action – reaction nature. Especially the conduct of the transgression of the eternal laws. Particularly the transgression of the laws outlined in the Ten Commandments from the , or in similar moral codes displayed in all religions, and forged by the various prophets of God: Moses, the Master Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, etc.. Breaking these laws cause violent responses to nature. God tells the Israelites: "If you follow my statutes, and observe my decrees and are fulfilling, I will send rain to their times, and the earth will produce its seeds, and trees are heavy with fruit" (Leviticus 26, 3-4 ) Moses tells them: "If you hearken, therefore, mandates that I inform you today, loving the Lord your God and serve Him with all your heart and all your soul, give him your land the early rain and late for that cojais grains, and wine and oil, and will hay meadows for grazing cattle, so that you what ye eat and quedeis satisfied "(Deuteronomy 11.13-15).

In this way relates the moral conduct of men with the reactions of nature. If the conduct of men do not transgresses the eternal laws of nature is ordered to benefit men. God also tells the Israelites: '.. shalt not lie carnally with your neighbor's wife, to defile it … Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination.

Original Gifts And Souvenirs

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What you can please and surprise? This question is very personal. Someone loves painting by Salvador Dali and be happy from the original souvenir made in the likeness of hours "of the great romancer." Somebody likes beer and football, and closely and be aware of their needs, then you will not get fooled. From psychology we know that first catches the eye hero of the occasion with a new gift, particularly one: 1) the form, 2) color, 3) quality, 4) functional. Beauty, the apparent high cost of original gifts and souvenirs at times, too, is of utmost importance when it comes to inspirational, big celebrations, anniversaries, creative evenings. The main thing is that it does not turned into an arms race, whose gift becomes the most expensive or the most original of the evening.

Think not about how you look when hand a present, but as a gift would be suitable for "spirit", the status and style of his future owners, after all, thus you demonstrate your attention, sensitivity and respect for him. It is not necessary to give something that can embarrass the hero for the day and his guests. Strippers can you play a trick on still there are people who did not like, and you'll catch on his sidelong glances. Extravagance – is vivid and memorable for a long time, but that sometimes, the sediment remains quite negative. Give something "inorganic" would not be able to put a rustle and harm to people, in both moral and in the physical plane. Original gift or souvenir should not be trite or too far in humor. Be worthy of the giver, willing to please, surprise, but no it does not come as a shock!

The Jungle

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" And this is the moment and time, and no other, because the "jungle irrational" dying does not have a second chance. A free man in the chain of selfishness is definitely a superior man. And will be even better quality if there is a high moral profile. And that is, to raise the quality of men to build a superior civilization. Is there a difference between "rational animals" and "men like God" or "sons of God"?: Yeah, and qualitatively, his concept of himself is completely opposite, as can be seen: YO MAN: SON OF GOD – My origin is divine – I'm very important for a child of God – I'm like God "My mind and my ability to love are unlimited. – My mind is predominant to my instincts and my senses – I is good for divine heritage, and I'm not selfish – My destiny is to love our neighbor to get to heaven – My existence is eternal YO MAN: ANIMAL SOUND – My animal origin – I as important as an animal – I am like an animal – My mind is limited to reason and do not need love. – My instincts and my senses dominate my mind – I am neither good nor bad, and my natural shape is selfishness – My destination is the law of the jungle, the law of the jungle. – My life is perishable As shown, men who are considered children of God, already have a concept of himself better mime willingness to change man's superior quality, which is what it takes to master the selfishness.


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While there are many ways of conceiving a child, the majority of couples wishing to start a family prefers to go the natural route. Not only to get pregnant naturally, also to protect against the possibility of unexpected results; Some people have moral and religious convictions that prevent them from medical and surgical means of conception. Following some common sense advice and words of encouragement, it is possible to learn to reach stay pregnant quickly and, of course, naturally. Learn how to relax let nature to take its course stress interferes with the hormones that control the biological processes of the cycle of ovulation in women and in men sperm count. You should be aware of the ovulation and periods of the things you should do or avoid during that time, all of these factors can impact positively or negatively on their chances of conception, not stress, take it calmly and enjoy the company of your partner waiting for the good news. Determine the the woman’s ovulation cycle there are Ovulation prediction kits that are designed to detect the presence of a hormone that usually indicates ovulation. The hormone in question is known as a hormone LH or luteinizing, and it is believed that be entitled to highest level before, during and just after ovulation. However, this is not infallible in that this hormone is also high during the premenopause, in presence of some ovarian cysts and premature ovarian failure.

For greater accuracy, they also used the basal temperature readings and observe the monthly changes in the mucus of the cervix. Maintain a healthy diet, one of the key factors that contribute to the ability of a couple to get pregnant is the health status of both men and women. Diets rich in protein, high in fiber and low in refined sugar have shown to increase fertility. For women, maintain a healthy body weight, without the constant fluctuations in the weight is very beneficial, because these fluctuations they dramatically interfere with hormones that are vital for fertility. Men who eat large amounts of protein actually increase the levels of testosterone which is extremely important in the process of creation of sperm and seminal fluid.