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Hairdressing Trends

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Curls, leading hairdressing and training centers network, carries out his collection of hairstyles that will be presented to the Figaro awards to Spanish hairdresser of the year, being able to revalidate the title for the second consecutive year. The collection of photos has been in Valencia and images will be for the 2012-2013 season representing the company in the campaigns of communication, prizes, competitions, etc. The artistic team of curls has made this collection along with photographer David Arnal and his team, being a marathon Conference in which the artistic team has not lost at any time inspiration humor. The day featured four international models posed with different hairstyles for the new collection. Since its inception, curls has carved out a reputation within the sector of fashion, particularly national but, increasingly, also outside our borders, as a creator of trends and styles. The banners of the brand are fashion, care hair and beauty of women. Throughout its 36-year history curls he has won more than 100 national and international awards.

Recent ones are a second and fourth posts in the last edition the AIPP Awards, granted by international hairdressing industry publications, and the national prize Figaro to the best hairdresser in 2011, granted to David Sanchez, and which is also nominated this year another Member of the artistic team, Manuel Rodriguez. The Ensign has participated in the most renowned events in the world of hairdressing: London, Chicago, New York, Bologna, Paris representing Spain as a reference of innovation in high hairdressing. It has also had the opportunity to collaborate with the most prestigious designers, celebrities and agencies of models from all five continents. Currently it actively collaborates with the most important professional journals of the sector in the publication of collections, fashion trends, opinion articles and reports (Aesthetic Spain, aesthetic World, C & C Magazine, Coiffure, L L’Oreal professional), as well as in general press and the heart (Hello, week, ten minutes, readings, Interviu). Curls is nowadays one of the most recognized hair salon brands in the world of Spanish fashion. His creations have always marked tendency, and her own unique style has become part of the history and legend of fashion in our country. Between own salons and franchises, refinement, curls and hairdressing schools succeeded in having 100 establishments in full growth, catering to different segments to satisfy all kinds of demand.

The Luxurious Bermuda Cruise

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In exactly twenty square kilometers in size, the island of Bermuda in the western Atlantic is one of the smaller destinations in the world to visit on a cruise. Only one and a half sailing from the U.S. East Coast, a Bermuda cruise will introduce you to tropical jewel of an island that is a world away from the Bahamas and other Caribbean island communities. If you want to experience the quintessential English life set to a calypso, Bermuda is the place to go! A British colony since 1684, the island of Bermuda has been a favorite U.S. and Canadian tourists. Up to 220,000 visitors each year arrive aboard cruise ships in Bermuda, which call at one of the island’s two ports – Hamilton and Kings Wharf. Bermuda also has an airport in the northeast of the island, starting around another 380,000 visitors a year.

The Bermuda government places strict limits on the number of visitors who fall into this small area of land each year. Reserve your Bermuda cruise well in advance of the desired sail date is therefore highly recommended. Bermuda cruises depart from a number of ports along the east coast. Cruise lines operating in Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, Boston and Norfolk offer 5 to 7 Day Tours in Bermuda on a regular basis. As there is little in the way of land between the east coast and Bermuda, Bermuda cruises tend only to stop at a port in the island. Cruise passengers are free to explore Bermuda by foot, motorcycle, bicycle or boat.

Bermuda cruise operators also have a number of excursions for passengers to enjoy the cruise as a floating hotel for the duration of their stay on the island. Bermuda Cruise Tours A Bermuda cruise is a great opportunity to enjoy some high class life. If your passion is golf, relax on the beach (yes, yes, the sand of some of Bermuda’s beaches is pink), or just taking it easy in tropical surroundings you are in for a treat on the island of Bermuda. For the more adventurous a full range of water sports can enjoy the warm waters of the coastline around the island. You can even have the opportunity to take in a cricket match or two while sipping a cup of English Afternoon tea – a total way more pleasant to experience ‘England’, without the gray skies and endless rain the real thing.

Michael Moore

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New and mediatic allies join the cause of the movement Occupy Wall s$street. After ten days encamped in heart of district financial of New York, near thousand of members of 15-M New York (between 200 that sleeps there and those that is united to them during the day), they saw Monday as their voices multiplied by mouth of the intellectual and activist Noam Chomsky, whom abierta letter of support sent celebrating its initiative " honorable and valiente" , and by the inescapable loudspeaker that represents Michael Moore. The film director, who is embarked in the intense promotion of his autobiography, visited the activists in his headquarters in the evening, the Zuccotti park, (place of the Freedom for the relatives by marriage to the movement). Received between the surprise and the joy, it gave spirits them and &quot declared its admiration to them; by to have taken the initiative before the damage that the banks have done with this pas" and it requested &quot to them; that not desesperen" because " within 100 years people will remember that you came to this place and empezsteis this movimiento". Source of the news: : 15-M New York enters mediatic phase and finds allies

Her Majesty The Pizza: From The Stories Of Creation Up To The Present Fe

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The most delicious pizza chefs are doing, which relate to work as a hobby. This is usually frantic fans of pizza, so they know almost everything about this viands. Of course, the recipe of this delicacy, they will not disclose, but here's a fascinating story of pizza they necessarily tell you. Today, in order to appreciate the unique flavor of this dish you do not need to book a table at an Italian restaurant, it is enough only to order a pizza at home and in two dozen minutes in your hands is a specialty. Many people mistakenly believe that a pizza delivery – only for a thick wallet. Not at all. Order a pizza can be any student who lives on meager stipend:) progenitors pizza.

In fact, the first chefs cooks who created the pizza was not the Italians, and Greeks. They are in the military campaigns, came up to lay on a flat circle of dough onion, butter, garlic, cheese then bake. A little later, very similar bakery product came from the ancient Etruscans and Romans. Some believe that the Italians brought pizza recipe 'to mind' and made it unforgettable delicious, and, of course, built the world's first pizzeria. In 1905 he opened a pizzeria in America, in New York. After World War II the U.S.

took the next wave of popularity of pizza. Mass gained recognition this dish, when the United States lit 'stars' with Italian roots, such as Frank Sinatra and Jerry Colonna. The popular singer Dean Martin sang his fateful song, where pizza was compared with the moon. Some time later, pizza has become known throughout the civilized world. For a time it was to assume that this pizza is prepared in Italy. Once the Italian government newspaper published a recipe for this pizza. Indeed, according to him, pizza baked on a rather complex recipe and consists of a number of specific components. Pizza – as table decoration. Pizza is, in fact, a universal dish. Ordering pizza can be a good solution, say, a corporate party. This dish is perfect as a lunch or even breakfast. Pizza delivery in general is a great ornament of the family in the evening. You do not need to go anywhere, you simply dial the phone number and delivery make a reservation. It will be much cheaper than you will bake the pizza yourself. You'll spend a lot of time and effort, but as a result you will get no pizza, but a real cake, while the pizza – it's unique treat!

Moving Objects

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Many times people should seek better living conditions that foster having a few optimal means that allow both have better environments to live, to work and perform different actions, even if it means the realization of certain loads initial, as well as the presence of certain sacrifices to leaving behind a stage and place of life, such as when passing housingwhich requires therefore a removal, in which all the different objects in the home must be organized so that they are preserved in the best way and are available to form the image that took new housing, which requires a process of collection and storage of different objects, as well as the idea that leaving a House and a sector where they spent in the first instance different moments of life.

As you can understand removals they can mean a great point of completion and initiation of a new stage of life, therefore the best is to learn more about different situations that mean the removals and the best media that can be used for this transfer. York. An of the great within the moving point and in which you can combine others, it is the economic part, because after the acquisition or leasing of a better living space, quite possibly you can be short of money, so it is good idea to have a move that does not affect both the Pocket, so ideally having a moving service in which only take a trip to avoid different costs, which means the presence of various conditions within the move, among which are: the first thing that should be done in a moving is to get different utensils or containers in which different objects that will take towards the new home, which must accommodate the greater amount of objects, shall be deposited so that should be spacious and having adequate space, which makes better use of the area of the vehicle that you carry, also must pay attention to the conditions of objects that contain, to avoid the loss of something, so clothing components may be deposited in bags or briefcases, while other things solid that they require certain care can be stuffed into boxes, while large appliances, can be covered with blankets or other lines that protect them and avoid damage to arise in the course of the journey of moving. In many occasions it has some kind of personal or family transportation, so this can also be very helpful in moving media, since some objects of smaller size which by its terms can adapt perfectly to a carriage of a smaller size, what prevents making use of spaces needed for other things that require certain conditions can be put in such transport, who get to be inside the vehicle moving, also also serves to give special protection to those things that require it, such as dishes or other items of porcelain or a computer..

English Courses

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Currently elderly persons who decide to leave for a while to learn English abroad have a wide and varied offer that allows them to configure the type of English course for adults abroad wishing to your liking. Since the duration to the destination, passing through the type of course you wish to (intensive or not, combined with work or training only), there are multiple possibilities to make the experience of learning English abroad the most satisfactory. London and New York are the favorite destinations to study English abroad currently English courses for adults in foreign countries that have greater demand are those that take place in London, for those not wishing to stay away too long, or in New York, for those who do not mind to go to the other side of the ocean. In Europe Ireland with Dublin to head and in America Canada, are the options chosen second by adults who decide to study and practice the English abroad. English courses for adult abroad combined with practices not missing as well as improve the English abroad decide take advantage of your stay outside of Spain to continue advancing in your career, and manage to combine their lessons with practices in any business related to their profession. Normally this option is reserved to adults but that do a few years they finished their studies. Equally valid for practicing the language which perform practices on a company is access to a job, since the relationship with peers or customers will provide an invaluable advance in the domain of the foreign language.

CAC Malaga Presents

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The Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Malaga presents Vik Muniz, an exhibition that looks at the most personal work of Brazilian artist whose name gives title to the exhibition, which has gathered the largest retrospective of his works in Europe.CAC Malaga presents a retrospective of Vik Muniz along to his works that represent everyday scenes, faces of famous and anonymous, people artist selected known works of classical art to represent them in a very different way and immortalize them in portrait photography. Vik Muniz plays with the imagination of the spectator and employs in its unconventional materials work. The Mona Lisa of Leonardo Da Vinci or Caravaggio’s Medusa seen as never before. The exhibition consists of more than one hundred photographs. Since the late 1980s, Vik Muniz lives and works in New York. CAC Malaga is located very close to our establishment, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels. In the exhibition, the artist groups by series part of his extensive work, inviting the Viewer to to let Guide by the illusion that evoke images that run through the main hall and part of the space dedicated to the permanent exhibitions, making this exhibition one of the most important that has taken place in Spain to date. The artist began his career as a sculptor and the need to be documented with photographs to make their work led him to change the means of artistic expression. In the work of Vik Muniz should take into account the context, the environment, and the way in which his work reaches the public. Works classic with a different look, even arriving to deceive the viewer and the artist has captured renowned icons of contemporary art: from a distance, the image represents works of art or faces of well-known personalities, but as the viewer approaches see the material of which they are made, the mirrored details, and although on occasion not faithfully reproduces the original imagethe viewer recognizes it to perfection.

Surface Pump

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A surface mounted on the shore and with a reservoir connected to an ordinary hose. Surface Pump PLUS: easy to assemble and dismantled, requiring only cleaning and lubrication of parts ejector. DISADVANTAGES: Can be used only where ground water come close to the surface. For deep wells and water wells unusable. Self-priming Surface pumps Speroni (Italy) Ideal for use in the water-supply stations and more. Surface pumps can pump water to a height of 30-50 meters (some models – and above), but suck in water from 15 to 20 meters depth they can not – is simply impossible. Meanwhile, in the suburbs is not uncommon, when the water is located precisely at such a depth below ground.

What should I do? If the water does not want sucked, because the pump from her too far, let's reduce this distance. Until when will diminish? A zero! That is, throw the pump into the water. For example, I have to testify artesian well – the depth of 18 meters. So, to get water, surface pump is not suitable. This task is quite handle a submersible pump with a capacity of 200 watts. Two hundred watts – this is quite a bit, believe me.

Submersible Pump PLUS: can be used in wells and boreholes to a depth of 40-50 meters. Not requires no special installation, does not take much space in the water works almost noiselessly. DISADVANTAGES: inconvenient to maintain, because you must remove it from the well or wells. Submersible pump hard parsed due sealed enclosure.

AfpEuropa PressChicago Property

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Houses townhouses real sale properties foreclosure broker realtors The lease Sears Tower in Chicago. AfpEuropa PressChicago .- The tallest building in the U.S., the landmark Sears homes Tower in Chicago, should real commercial be renamed commercial since the realtor Willis Tower next summer following the lease signed by the ‘broker’ insurance property management Willis Group real agent Holdings, which condos for sale relocated realty to the skyscraper of the ‘windy city’ listing part of its operations, according to the prediction realestate of entidad.Willis relocated property to foreclosures the building around condo 500 homes for sale employees home for sale occupy about 42,770 meters square. commercial property