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American Country

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He is this that the system likes. All idiotic quietinho, With the eyes gotten passionate in the soil. Let us stimulate the guerrilla. He was as soon as the peoples had had voice In Korea, Vietnam and Cuba They wake up, we had a retrocession. The dictatorships had come back in other forms.

We have that to return you engage in guerilla warfare to them. The computers had given virus, the Internet are for few. The fax was exceeded. They are in being deceptive. The white American, our master, Was to spy on China and fell in the Equal net to a duckling the capitalism is weak. How to trust spies? How to step on in scorpions With the bare-footed feet? We go to follow our route. We are the country of waters, (privatized) the only one that it has future. We go to make a sovereign country. We go to dictate this water (in garrafinhas) Seno, will only sobrar for us a submission desert.