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To give you an image that will help them understand this phenomenon, write, for example, a piece of cardboard on the floor maintenant, and armed with a scissors, cut the floor after the main syllable: you have a hand, a word oppose, in a system of French, tete, pied, jambe, etc.. On the other side another word oppose: tenant, to lachant, tiendra, etc. That is what Saussure called the reciprocity of both sides of the linguistic sign, which we have called, at once, hand and replaced (at the level of sound) and meaning (a level of consciousness). Danny Meyer is likely to agree. Take also the syllable hand and replace the original meaning of po by b, it is clear that in the French system, the main significant bain pain have completely different meanings. And this happens in all languages, each has its own chain of analysis, sound and meaning, but in the significant units all have in common the possession of this biface makes always be analyzed in the sense and sound the analysis of meaning through sound (which is what is defined in Saussurean terms, the immanence of the sign). What's more, what characterizes all language units, whatever language we consider, is also biaxial governing their mutual oppositions also their combinations. Surely, even Hence, I shall be very sketchy, and for them to guess what I'll take the example of the sound produced by a musical instrument. There are really two ways to define a musical note: if you crush for example, the sun key piano keyboard, the note you receive will not be defined but by the other notes that may be in place and are not . .

Global Polarizaton

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Obama has given up the line of military superiority to pursue the life of the empire, comprising the world’s polar situation and resorting to multilateral-ism, such as Honduras or in between the lines of his speeches, for example, in Istanbul and Cairo. Hence its position of supporting Zelaya, Latin American case and try to wash your face old U.S. of being behind every coup in Latin America. The Metropolitan Museum of Art addresses the importance of the matter here. To this should help the leftists outdated and does not engage in a Crazy absolutely false and language to be accusing him of complicity or interference in what happened in Honduras. The drunk left does not understand the new United States foreign policy, whether or not it is valid for both the actor and the rest of the world. Washington wants to do partnerships and is tolerant of differences and considers new ways to exercise its traditional leadership. The issue is whether the exercise of such a policy will weaken it or not, will result or not, will mark the beginning of the decline of the empire.

There are those who say, cynically, that a rule that does not exercise its power comes into the chute of history. U.S. turns input pragmatic and it is not bad, perhaps only for those who still dream of their participation in the overthrow of leftist governments in our continent. Their loss of influence here is obvious, and I do not mean the existence of some government protesters. I mean the dissolution of his direct influence, as we now see requesting services from Brazil to appease the intemperance of Venezuelan dictator against Colombia, although the juggler who is Lula raise his voice against the gringo bases in that country.

San Juan

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The site was very full. I asked for a large beer to start diving me into that partying atmosphere (although still did not know the reason) that was floating around the city. When was waiting for that I serve, I asked the boy’s next door, which I expected as I do, the reason for so much excitement among the locals, and told me that it was the feast of San Juan, the shortest night of the year.Two hours later not knew very well where it was. The boy that had conversed some minutes earlier, Sergio, invited me to sit with his friends, and had to replace beer with whiskey and tequila shots. When you exit the bar seemed to know them in life, although I do not imagine the show we gave, singing the hymn of Barca (well, I accompanied them tatareando a kind of melody that I half invented) and compliments to each girl who passed in front of our. We also encourage us with firecrackers, we began to pull in the middle of the square. San Juan home of an envelope Barcelones 22.00 took me home from a friend who was a party.

Thanks to dinner we got out a little drunk. We ate tortilla potato and a few real good sausages, and for dessert a coca de Sant Joan, apparently typical of the feast. Era sponge cake with some sweet fruit above, very original and quite rich. During dinner I was talking to a very nice girl who told me that on the night of San Juan, a magical night, celebrates the arrival of summer, and that fire, water and herbs are symbols of this celebration, although currently the fire, symbol of purification, is the element that most stays. Cava and wine no shortage at any time, as it is customary in the celebrations of the city. The party crowd on the beach just the night on the beach of Barceloneta, which llegamso with the line yellow subway (I was surprised when I was told that the subway was open all night). The amount of people that were in front of the sea was incalculable, all making bonfires, throwing firecrackers, dancing and, as no, drinking.Finally, I had an unforgettable night unexpectedly and without knowing anything of this Catalan tradition, although the feast is also celebrated in different ways in the rest of Spain. If you have the opportunity, do not miss this summer festival that the locals celebrate big throughout the city. The color of the fireworks show is beautiful and very friendly locals!

Finding Winter Tires

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Now there are fierce debates on this topic alone scream that we should put tires others argue that the best option is to neshipovanye tires under the name "Velcro." So which is better? unequivocal answer to this question no! And I think that will ever be. And so it is a "velcro" is that these tires stick to the surface. Danny Meyer often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Some argue that Moscow is better to use "sticky", but I would warn you away from this because in Moscow ispolzuetsa huge amount of reagents, and there are situations that simply do not sprovlyayutsa with their obyazanastyami. Example was not so long ago, in spring 2009 when abruptly poured a lot of snow, and who had already removed the spikes, or stayed Velcro or rode the subway, or driving 20 kilometers per hour, or waited for traffic police officers. And so my inference confirmed a recent tire test, test results,'V their tests conducted for more than a dozen winter (and winter, Naturally, there have been different – from 30 degrees below zero to thaw), we occasionally come across this phenomenon. To give finally a clear answer to the question of whether the Velcro on the ice spikes and slow is better, if so, under what conditions, we conducted the study. The Metropolitan Museum of Art follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Of course, we are interested in the opinion of specialists from different companies, but received a rather cautious answers.

Engineers Continental and Michelin, for example, argue that the temperature of the "equinox" and studded non-studded tires – 15 Celsius. If warmer, the ice spikes are more effective, cooler – Velcro. It is very important in the ice and the weather. Rough ice helps Velcro, which cling to microscopic and glossy surface more successfully cope with the task of thorns – this is obvious and requires no explanation. But the bright sun, even in cold weather can be a little podtopit ice and make it more slippery, especially for sticky. Therefore, in the bright sun and pure ice spike may be even better at 20-25oC. " were shocking was that the lower the temperature and the more ice the better the grip of "sticky", but Moscow is not so often freezing and the road is not made of ice. And the tires at a temperature ranging from -10 to +3 and show the best performance braking and grip qualities. Hence the conclusion suggests itself and so far Moscow has not banned studded winter tires they should be used without shamelessly!

HVAC Rental Container Shows Versatility In Nuremberg Station

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During the renovation of a shop at the Lorenz Church, a space system serves as a kitchen. A container of HKL can far more than construction proves that space systems construction machinery for the umpteenth time to station Lorenzkirche in Nuremberg. Here is the rent containers of the butcher’s Ludwig walk, who runs a shop in the underground stop, since mid-September as a food replacement. Equipped with oven and sink all kitchen work be performed in the container during the construction period, so the snack operating of the butcher can continue as usual. Daniela Frank, HKL CRO rent and construction shop, says: most of our clients rent whole container plants for large construction sites, we develop individually as needed. “But also in a small container that this usage shows very versatile.” The challenge lay in the introduction of the container in the subway station, because the distance between ceiling and container is less than an inch. Accordingly, very precise millimeter precise work was necessary in its placement.

The container three times measure two and a half meters with a forklift in the subway station and in its place there was brought to unload before the entrance. HVAC delivered the space system directly on the construction site and helped with an experienced staff in the part of the HVAC service tunnel for rental of space systems and construction equipment. About HVAC machinery HVAC construction machinery ( is Germany’s leading, vendor-independent landlords and merchants of construction machinery, construction equipment, space systems and vehicles. The owner-managed company made a turnover of 275 million euros in 2012 and is with its rental fleet, construction shop and service offering largest provider for construction, trade, industry and municipalities. Nationwide over 140 branches and 1,200 employees a rental fleet of 30,000 machines guarantee proximity to the customer and the fast service on-site. HVAC construction machinery in Austria and Poland has more branches.


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Dimensions motorcycle almost indistinguishable from a human, so the motorcycle taxi is a very convenient means of transportation, able to overcome any traffic jam. To date, only a scooter would provide all possible competition motorcycles, but smaller, weaker, worse in the acceleration and braking, less stability, and dynamics of the bike does not leave him no chance. Follow others, such as NYC Marathon, and add to your knowledge base. Exam or a serious meeting? Transfer of important documents, wedding, or a train airplane? You are always punctual and mobile – it demands time. The modern world is aggressive and wins in him someone who has a competitive advantage – it can be you! Thanks to the moto taxi for 3 hours is possible to bypass places that used to take 2 days! Is it dangerous? All pilots are professionals with experience not less than 3 years. According to statistics, accidents on the bike several times lower than in cars. It is just as dangerous as flying a plane or a train. It comfortable? This is better than standing in a traffic jam, more interesting than the ride in the car and more comfortable than the subway. Restaurateur will not settle for partial explanations.

Before the trip, the pilots explain how to sit, what to keep and how to behave while riding. The pilot will try to make your trip more comfortable. In addition to speed, what else? Great mood! Many look with envy at the passing motorcycles. Why watch? One call, and it is you are racing on the roads of Moscow, with the possibility of motorcycle taxi allow to take away the whole company! Birthday? Now this may be true Moto-Day. Wedding? Give the newlyweds Moto-walk: beautiful bike ride on a pair of holding hands, accompanied by a convoy of sport motorcycles! Plan, manage, negotiate, transfer, Stay in the rhythm of life, Have fun, surprises..

Second Life

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Not expensive, you not understanding? My credits had finished I bought the TV of LCD and end. Now the Tati comes to here attending that new film and I do not have grana nor for the beer. – You can look the Tone and catch an advancing of the deliveries of periodicals of the week. – T having already two weeks for it. You do not have nothing? – No.Vou to buy a new motion and I pledged everything in this. Why it does not look that staff there of the Rave of Saturday? – They are weighed bar, others. But, suddenly, I find that it is what goes to roll. Knows where meeting some of them? – I know, but I do not go with you.

There he is very quaint. In the end of the street of the subway, you it goes to see a shed abandoned, them are always for there. Whenever The Metropolitan Museum of Art listens, a sympathetic response will follow. When calls to come back me to count. Were valid Data? – Was valid Beto, calls you you on one? I was. To walk in that place was exactly very bad. He was dark and one very quaint faces following were me since the station. When I entered in the shed two faces had arrived together. I said the name of the face of the Rave of Saturday and one made signal for the other they had left and me there.

To my redor, some faces were smoking based. It did not obtain to see who age and it imported nor me very, was better. It arrived one older face and it spoke very with low me. – Similar T of that? – Necessary of credits, I have work and as to pay. It is an advancing per one days. – It has good clothes, of mark. It wants to buy what? It is for drug?

Sissi With The Swarovski Pearls Ohrringen

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Vienna, culture and shopping city of my dreams Vienna calling? Anyone who not answered this call, must be fallen, to apply, or to the own apology as deaf as ignorant and culture muffle. A Council among friends, go and look at the city itself. No superlative would be overkill for this Pearl of the Danube. There is so much to see that it would take weeks to explore everything. Who counts as I to his girlfriends but a walking history book, may enjoy a comfortable way of knowledge transfer. We were the first of our Sideseeing tour in Vienna in Schonbrunn. There was the summer residence of the Austrian imperial family and also the home of Empress Sissi.

Empress Sissi? -The name should be familiar. Moved and interested in the life of the Empress countless people around the world for decades and involves many probably like me, when I hear Empress Sissi, then I Romy Schneider see in my mind’s eye. Especially there are to the stylisation of Sissi as a cult figure arguably their Sissi movies, have contributed and continuously create an increasing number of enchanted. But then look take off the rose-colored glasses of Sissi film and you can see that the films show a greatly exaggerated, romantic image and are more myth than real past. But Sissi BBs beauty is legendary and certainly not a myth.

And only benefited immensely the tourism industry in Vienna. Sissi here and Sissi there. A picture of her where she is wearing beautiful Pearl Earrings hung in the Castle and it amazes me that they offer such Sissi earrings in the souvenir shop. So, I would have bought it if I had not been a few Swarovski pearl earrings, which look almost exactly like. You can buy that here, I just call them, my Sissi earrings. After we had made a hook behind the field of culture with a visit to the Castle, we took the subway into the city. Vienna has a shopping area that smooth the heart went on me. All large fashion chains such as H & M of course in Vienna or Zara represented, but there are also some minor Shops, where to find things that are not going anywhere to buy it. An offshoot of United nude is found in Lord Street for example. When I saw that, I felt that a strike has stopped my heart with joy. United nude shoes designs and is still something of an insider tip in the fashion scene. There are very unusual shoes, which have a distinctive design. Some are stylistically based on seating, and if you know how crazy some chairs can look out, you get a rough idea of the idiosyncratic creations, which distinguish this brand. Fortunately Jacqueline and Charlotte have something for Shoe fashion left, otherwise I would probably get into serious trouble. After all, I visit Charlotte for the first time in a year, and spent now precious hours in a shoe store. I was in paradise, and could not help me a few United nude BBs to buy. Alone this purchase has the visit to Vienna made a success, what with a piece of Sacher cake was celebrated with relish. On a day like this, you can save on either end.

The Soul

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The gossip of so many people make a great show among those who move and those who remain, those who suffer and those who urge a little more time. Everything is new to me, amazes me see what this place is huge, its pillars, which support this coliseum contain figures carved by hand craftsmanship as showing a story from start to finish, from the figures that tell stories of battles illustratively , death and destruction, I see how far some people who enter a sort of basement. For assistance, try visiting Danny Meyer. In a place where everything is stone yque my question is will it be? 1.2 THE PLACE TO PLAY THE SOUL There was a place in the same arena that caught my attention, not many people but just enough to draw attention to someone like me, then I was getting closer to that place were some stone stairs headed a kind of a subway beneath the Coliseum like a basement, inside could be heard a lot of laughter and noise, so I decided to go downstairs to find out what happened, check the stone staircase is spiral shaped, down as I realized that the walls on both sides were decorated with inlays of human skeletons on the stone. When you reach the bottom get to see a huge room lit by torches also around the center was a stone on the highlighted rectangle on the floor, around this same rectangle issued fire on him were two individuals who were fighting, the crowd around them by shouting fuss, I go further so that they can see them more attention.

Interior Decorating Tips

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You can make familiar to its characteristics of color, floor, furniture and accessories, sailing through sources of decoration of interiors of houses. Keeping its preferences and interests in first place in its mind, you certainly he will be capable to find a style that will serve to it perfectly. To decorate the interior of its house can transform its house into a world of pure joy and tranquilidade. Everything goes to depend on you and its choices. So that it obtains to make its choices of the best possible form, it can look store of the specialty, reviewed on the subject, or even though make an intensive research on the subject and to find the styles that more if adjust itself, the colors that more have to see obtain and with its shape and all the accessories that consider important in its house. If the thought to decorate its house oppresses you, uses these simple tips to increase the quotient of beauty of its house. These tips go to help to take care of it of the furniture, colors, fabrics and accessories, necessary you to decorate its house. To keep the environment natural of its house when decorating it is very important.

For example, an accidental decoration that use floral, glad hemp, cotton and other colors, are apt for field houses. Victorian houses, on the other hand need to have a more formal decoration with colors crayon, incomes and flowery paper of wall. Situated houses in the forest are better when decorated with plants, natural and material fabrics that are painted in simple colors. You can decorate lofts in the city with some material contemporaries, as chromium and glass. One remembers that he will not be cautious to fight against the style architectural of its house while it decorates. When you are not certain on which colors that go well with the interiors of its house, you you can start for trying in small details with a pillow, carpet, roupo of bath, a painting, a tapestry, its American game, among others. You can select the 3 5 colors and use articles in these colors and these to be kept in different zones of its house.

He must, also, guarantee that each room has some article of at least one of the colors that you selected. This will help its house to have a more harmonious, balanced and comfortable appearance. After having determined on the colors, painting the walls and finishings in contrastantes tones. If its finishing is in me the form or has wood me the quality, is better to paint with cool ink. This would give an appearance brought up to date for its house.