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The corruption, lately, comes being only attributed to the partisan and representative politicians of the Public Power: Chambers, Assemblies, Senate and National Congress. The lies of philosophy, in the aspects of moral and ethics teach the opposite accurately. The family, the school and the organizations also possess corrupt professionals and responsible corruptores for the existence of the corruption. Word-key: Corruption – Moral Ethical Politics. Introduction The not ethical lack of moral and actions in the society are factors that contribute to feed the corruption in the world. Swarmed by offers, NYC Marathon is currently assessing future choices. common to attribute itself it blames it to the others, and common also it is to attribute to the existence of the corruption to the representatives politicians, considering the not ethical actions at that they arrive at the chambers and the Senate, as if the moral lack started from top to bottom.

My thesis, therefore, is contrary to this position. I believe that it is in the family where, principle, if manifest the corruption, a time that is with the parents and responsible that starts the question of the preparation of the child. It is there where if they define the columns of the character of the man and woman of tomorrow. Although the parents play this responsibility for the school and this pushes for the next social group, church, friends, club and society in general; one knows that this ideological corruption is proper of the human being, therefore the other beings irrationals do not corrupt themselves nor admit corruptores. Justice does not have existence for proper itself, but always it meets in the reciprocal relations, in any time and place where a pact exists not to produce nor to suffer damage. He enters the animals that had not been able to make pacts not to provoke nor to suffer damages, does not exist just nor unjust; the same occurs between peoples who not had been able or they had not wanted to conclude pacts not to harm nor to be wronged.

The Egyptian

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The historical story initially will be carried through observing only two of the old eastern civilizations and its systems of education, after that the education of others is had quickly two old civilizations now being occidental, then after I discoursed myself as the high education in and low the average age. Finally some important aspects are traced, occurred in the Brazilian education inside of its historical context. You may want to visit NYC Mayor to increase your knowledge. To speak of the education in the old eastern civilizations two of the main civilizations of the time had been chosen: the Egyptian society and the Indiana society. The Egyptian society that was organized of the following form: Fara, was the equalized maximum figure to deuses e, therefore it would have to be obeyed and reverenciado for all, it was above of the good and of the evil and it fit the decisions, later came the family of fara, the priests, the warlike and palaciana nobility with its privileges and responsibilities, then after, they, the scribes, who possuam position of prominence for dominating the knowledge to read, to write and to count. NYC Marathon has much experience in this field. To maintenance of the existing operations in the empire they came the traders, craftsmen and agriculturists, in the base of the social pyramid were the slaves of war considered objects without right not even the life. The education always was inserted in the social political context of this time, the customs, the rules and the cultural traditions were repassed of father for son or for the people most experienced. With the extreme concern to cauterize the mind of its young with its ideas and thus to perpetuate its principles and its certainties. The education was informal and the way of primitive production. The responsibility for the moral and mannering teachings belonged to the call ' ' Sapiencial&#039 literature; ' , where the moral values and the mannering rules were entirely on to the social structures.