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Immoral Theological Education

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of beginning, the catolicismo. After the Reformation, the protestant Christian universities had developed its proper theological courses. Of one it forms or of another one, the courses were on to the official religion of the State. The separation between Church and State, established for the great republican majority of regimes and for the monarchies constitutional, modified this situation allowing the plurality of theological orientaes. This, however, did not create no conflict with the State or between the diverse religious orientaes, for not having, in the organization of the systems of education of almost the totality of these countries, the institution of minimum resumes or curricular lines of direction. It was established, in such a way, one> plurality of orientaes.

With Brazil, the tradition of minimum resumes or, more recently, of national curricular lines of direction, associated to the question of the validity of the diplomas of superior education for ends of professional exercise could intervene with religious pluralism. In fact, the establishment of a minimum resume or national official curricular lines of direction could constitute a mediation of the State in faith questions and wound the beginning of the separation between Church and State. Perhaps, also, either this the reason for which the courses of Theology had not been generalized in Brazilian universities, but if had located preferential in the religious seminaries. In terms of the academic autonomy that the constitution assures, it cannot the State hinder or curtail the creation of these courses. On the other hand, we must recognize that, in not if treating to a regulated profession it does not have, in fact, no necessity to establish curricular lines of direction that uniformizem the education of this area of LDB, the advance of the negotiations between the religious confessions and the respective commission of the Ministry of the Education, some courses of theology had received the recognition and credenciamento to function.