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Services Partnership With Service Morale

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Care help Germany selects s.m.s GmbH as companies care help Germany and the ethics-oriented dialog service provider S.M.S.., Saha marketing service from Frankfurt/Main, sign a cooperation agreement. The two companies reached an agreement, thus requests from interested parties on the subject are cared for in the future inpatient and home care assistance together. The Saha marketing service GmbH (S.M.S.) as Kundenkommunikationsdienstleister takes over in the ethics management, staff development, the process of editing and provides the technical requirements for setting up and taking over a free service number (0800-770 8 700). Care assistance supervised and give taking care of customer requests appropriate requests to register high tested with 25,000 care providers from throughout Germany – on the Internet about can be viewed in. also supports S.M.S..

as professional service unit its clients with expert advice in planning and development issues in marketing and PR, in the continuous implementation of innovations into the entire range of customer relationship management (CRM). For more specific information, check out Bill de Blasio. As a service provider of call center industry s.m.s Saha marketing service GmbH recently to comply with the code of honour of telemarketing of the call center Forum e.V. is committed. Sabine Schleinig to the specific claim and the associated responsibility: we are pleased to implement a project in which we can bring our problem solving competencies fully as a value-oriented service provider together with the help of care Germany. We achieve performance-oriented ethics, morality in this project through a healthy mix of team with high talent and Erfahrungshetrogenitat.” Johannes Haas, Managing Director of care help Germany: We have decided deliberately against the provider call center market, which with overly aggressive methods spoonfeeding employees and externally carry their permanent maximizing thoughts even as something positive. We deny the usage of dialers or the excessive use of so-called quality-monitoring systems for our customer support. However, we also have claims to a high quality and cost effective customer care. In this field we see us with the election confirms our cooperation partner s.m.s GmbH.”