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Ramon Gallegos Nava

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With these studies was able to discover me to myself, my strengths and weaknesses, to know me better, autoevaluarme, be more compassionate and merciful with myself, accept me and love me as I am and strive every day to be a better person to transcend in my life. I realized the wonders that has the whole world, that urge to make a paradigm shift in education, first in Mexico and then in the world to try to live in a world better, full of peace, solidarity and unity. Thanks to these studies, I also learned to do meditation, to preserve calm, equanimity, faced so many problems that I have been occurring in my life. To deepen your understanding New York Museums is the source. With these valuable moments of meditation that I practiced every day, I could listen to my inner self, auto – know me, learn to control myself, to be more tolerant with others, always seeking the harmony of my being with others, with nature. Understand that if I do wrong to another person or nature, I’m doing me harm to myself.

For I am the world and the world is I. Everyone in the whole world are a family, we are brothers, each person is a mirror of myself. If do it damage I’m doing to myself, and late or early, what one gives it receives later. If I give love, I receive love. Studying holistic education is leaving the darkness and enter the light sentence of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, who is the founder of the holistic education in Mexico. With different readings I did the four curricular themes he allowed me to better understand the problems of the whole world, mature and grow as a human being. In my work, my colleagues have told me that they have seen positive changes in my person: I have learned to control myself when someone makes me angry, I have been more loving and understanding with each other, more sensitive and supportive.

Driver Education

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Driver education in everyday life we can notice the way home, work, school or other activities is becoming increasingly more complicated since every day increases the number of cars in the cities and they continue in the same way, I think that today the driver education is very important both for the authorities as for motorists and also pedestrians.We currently have road signs which in some way expedite the roads, but that goes with this. In many cases by haste or other reasons we do ignore those causing accidents and losses up to human.To improve this we must ask ourselves what to do or how to do to improve the roads and avoid accidents.Let’s look at the role played by each of the characters already mention which all the population at some point touches us play.Motorist: it always hurry to reach their destination, is distracted, stressed, loses control, does not care and thus does not respect the signs and not to the pedestrian, causing accidents.You must respect signs out more early and patience.Pedestrian: you should know that roads and streets are not to go walking or playing, I believe that this is the biggest problem that we pedestrians and is where we should start putting in practice the driver education. So that in this way we avoid the recklessness of citizens wanting to place stops every 10 meters or in front of his house. Since this cut off roads.Authorities: as such have to enforce traffic rules not falling into corruption that this way everyone respect the road rules and having better circulation and driver education. As a contribution to citizenship, I think that if everyone had very clear driver education everything would be easier, as motorists would avoid the traffic and pollution, as pedestrian accidents and as authorities corruption.We put into practice our driver education and show our culture to make useful traffic, bridges, pedestrian areas and the placement of stops at strategic locations. Mauricio Daniel Ladron de Guevara Marquez.. (A valuable related resource: NYC Mayor).

Ramon Gallegos

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Is that I’ve changed, I have noticed in my daily activities, I took important decisions, learning to say NO in his time with what I gradually got time available, that would allow me to dedicate myself to the self and with it were presented before me strong questions about who really am?, what is my mission as an educator, as a friend, as a mother or as all other roles in which I delved to silence maybe solitude and suffering. My co-workers I already commented that even physically I’ve changed, stayed back anxiety and hyperactivity because I myself I realize personal enjoyment of moments in which I spend my time in interacting with my students I am more impartial and more tolerant, now I bring happiness to my experiences as an educator holistic without waiting for them to make me happy, therefore is should I continue in this transformative process. I now have clarity in how should I play me as an educator since is that what defines most learning is my level of consciousness as such, because as explains Dr. Ramon Gallegos during your Conference recognizing your own glow we educate only with what we are. For even more analysis, hear from NYC Mayor. Also now looking for educational integrity giving emphasis to the meaningful learning give sense and I seek to transmit values and conceptions with depth, human sensitivity to my students, I’m involved in getting better educational methods, in creating learning environments more conducive to invite to the classroom is transformed into the sacred precinct where gives meaning to the lives of so many young people expect expectant can be transformed because I am redirecting the what of that education they receive, which enriches the meaning of educate. . An education that will give us attitudes is essential and everyday behaviour where achieve with dialogue take agreements and reach to reconcile us, understand us, to give us love. . For more information see this site: amazing restaurateur.