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Danes Company

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As the small company share point tool belt would expand by two Danish developers put strict rules for offices a stop to the plan. It therefore ended with outsourcing to India. Giants such as HP, Dell and Apple are founded in a garage in Silicon Valley. But in Denmark, there are rules that prevent the child of entrepreneurship from his home. In a question-answer forum shimmie horn was the first to reply. It tells Lasse Sagittarius Knudsen, who started the company share point tool belt in autumn 2010 after many years as in independent consultant.

Now he along with a colleague – focus on developing its own software for the SharePoint platform, and to this end he had to use two developers. But the plan to hire two Danes and use a 60 square meter room at home as the office went to the sink, for it must not happen in Denmark. “I had people call and found some good candidates – but then it went into a deadlock because of some banalities. My application to decorate the office with myself what rejected because the rules say that all employees so that must have home address there, “says Lasse Sagittarius Knudsen to Version2. The day after the refusal by the municipality, who fell a half years after he started the application process, called a seller from the Indian company gateway technology Labs and offered outsourcing services.

Frustrated after the battle with the municipality chose the Danish entrepreneur to proceed with the Indian settlement, though it had never been intended. Then in early 2011 the task of developing the company’s first software product rests with the Indian company, after he had questioned the other gateways Danish customers in the same size. “It gave the rest of the stomach to talk with others who were in the same situation.” And there were only 14 days’ notice, so if I what not happy, I could loose more than pay for them for 14 days.It is important for a small company, “explains Lasse Sagittarius Knudsen.

Tobit David

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CoSYNUS connect the boards of DTG today at each customer appointment have all necessary information at hand and can competently provide information about the current status of order processing, reliable schedule orders and trigger corrections, where appropriate, in the planning. The improved availability of information led to an immediate and significant time savings, as well as to the optimisation of work processes. This productivity both at the management level and the dispatchers increased”, leads from lowering. The familiarity of the management with the BlackBerry and the simplicity of the queries allowed a smooth transition and to the usage of the new solution, which is why the DTG investigated further ways to improve the availability of information through the use of the Apple iPad. About DTG Deutsche transport cooperative inland EC 138 ships in the mass and Outsized on all Western the DTG is central and South Eastern European inland waterways and an annual cargo volume by good six million tons the largest Transport Association of in Germany.

The company is nationwide and has branches and representative offices in seven other European cities in addition to the headquarters in Duisburg. Information technology makolan about makolan information technology is the service provider for modern office communication and reliable security solutions. If solutions to the mobile integration, process optimization or GroupWare thanks to close partnerships with Tobit.Software, CoSYNUS Agfeo is the Dusseldorf company expert in optimizing communication and operational processes. About CoSYNUS GmbH the CoSYNUS GmbH headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, plans, develops and operates mobile business and unified messaging solutions for a smarter communication in Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Tobit David, SAP and Baan environments. Since 1993, will be about 25,000 Users in more than 1,500 small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Europe supervised. CoSYNUS, as well as the certified service and support cutting-edge solutions accelerate the enterprise communication processes and reduce costs for the exchange of information. The seamless integration of different types of message and communication without media discontinuities within the Organization as well as with mobile employees improve cooperation within the enterprise and with business partners. This sustainably increases productivity with fast return on investment. Many years of experience and qualified employees guarantee maximum safety for the customer systems. CoSYNUS has a network of more than 100 partners in three partner programs and strategic partnerships with Microsoft, SAP, research in motion, Tobit, IBM and Novell.

China Heating

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As a pioneer for heating technology ebm-papst positioned itself well as a systems supplier of flexible system solutions for individual customer requirements. The finished components can be selected by the customer of the new, even more efficient GreenTech EC centrifugal blowers NRG 77, additional components such as venturi, and gas fitting, up to the complete solution with automatic burner control unit and electronic networking. This combination of blower and control technology from a single source is unique in the condensing technology. The control electronics developed vision ebm-papst for heating systems together with his Dutch development partner Argus. For example, the digital interface and the LambdConstant system resulting from this partnership. Vision with automatic burner control units for heating systems more environmentally friendly, more powerful and more efficient products will result in the know-how of ebm papst in terms of products and systems for the heating technology in combination with the experience of Argus. In addition, the standard allows, for example, the freedom of design Platform of Argus vision customised and adapted to the need for solutions.

Through the combined expertise of the two partner companies customer needs thus better multiples. More information about GreenTech EC technology visit de/greentech/application/ectechnology/ectechnology.php about ebm-papst that ebm-papst group is the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors and is pacing the highly efficient GreenTech EC technology. In the past financial year 10/11 the company achieved a turnover of 1311 million. ebm-papst has 17 production sites (e.g. in Germany, China, United States) and 57 sales locations worldwide more than 11,000 employees. Products of world market leader can be found, e.g. To deepen your understanding shimmie horn is the source. in ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, household appliances, heating technology, in the IT – and telecommunications applications, applications in the passenger car and commercial vehicle engineering in many industries.