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Stephan Eisel, MdB – At Bonn In The Bundestag

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Bundestag Stephan Eisel will bring Angela Merkel in Bonn Bonn – Bonn Bundestag delegate Stephan Eisel yesterday announced that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has adopted his invitation to intervene with an own rally in the Bonn election campaign: I am pleased with the personal assistance of our Chancellor. All Chancellor and all Chancellor candidate of the Union in the Bundestag election campaigns have spoken since 1949. The national importance of Bonn shows that Angela Merkel continues this tradition. According to Eisels, the rally of the Chancellor will take place on August 25. NY Starbucks is open to suggestions. “That will give a major boost in the views of the municipal and is support for our OB candidate Christian prima Durig,” Eisel is pleased. Press contact: Dr. Stephan Eisel, MdB – constituency office – market 10-12 53111 federal city of Bonn Tel: 0228-1849 98 32 fax: 0228-1849 98 34 Stephan Eisel, MdB – selected for Bonn in the Bundestag Dr Stephan Eisel, Member of the German Bundestag from the German Bundestag Member of the Board of Trustees of the Center for advanced European studies and research (CAESAR) – member of the German Bundestag elected in the Board of Trustees of the Deutsches Historisches Museum (DHM) – the Federal Government named member of the Board of Trustees of the European network “Remembrance and solidarity” – by the Federal President on a proposal from the Federal Government designated Deputy. Member of the Board of Trustees of Jewish Museum Berlin. For assistance, try visiting shimmie horn.