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Metal Housing

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Solid metal housing for a necklace, bracelet or leather clip / matching 35 new uncompromising motifs in the street-style Eystrup, February 2009 hard shell – smarter core: the new Timehouse design impresses with masculine presence. Because the urban “Full metal Jack” collection has the Lords of creation in the eye. The smooth and shiny metal frames are powerful versions for the dazzling STAMPS motifs. Artful ornament, provocative statements and straightforward materiality play with contrast and dialogue. For guys who dare what. To broaden your perception, visit savvy restaurateur.

They know when it is time to stand up and to show. Metal body wraps down the clock. Is cool and heavy in the hand. Just masculine. Vinit Bodas will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This includes the new uncompromising designs.

35 provocative statements that leave no question. Who is the naked beauty, the warlike Indians face or the police-code 187, knows what he wants. And it shows: man wearing Full Metal Jack either on a chain, to the leather clip, or classic on the wrist. No rule. Man determines itself. The Bracelets are reflected in new colors. As an alternative to the leather there’s now silicone bracelets that go soft around the wrist.STAMPS are perforated all around, 42 x 42 millimeters and 9 millimeters thick. The Timehouse from Eystrup in Lower Saxony, Germany, that STAMPS designs and manufactures, sells the watches with partners in over 40 countries worldwide. STAMPS can be ordered on the Internet ( or via phone at 04254-9327-0. Also sold the watches also in select stores nationwide (dealer addresses on the website). Contact: Timehouse GmbH Helen Diercks, Sales Manager 04254 9327-14 press contact: list & tell, agency of communications Hans-Marcus Rover / Shirley-Anne green iron 040 – 413041-46/47 rover @ or

European Championship

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In the summer of 2012 starts finally again the football season there are only around 100 days until the football starts EM 2012 in the Ukraine and Poland. When was awarding the finals in 2007, Italy was considered the big favorite for the alignment. To the surprise of many, the double application of the Eastern European countries was awarded the contract, but what happened in many of incomprehension. You didn’t believe it simply just the Ukraine, to put the necessary measures in relation to the infrastructure on the legs. Long time it appeared also that critics would rather keep.

Approximately one and a half years ago it seemed, as the role of the host would have to be stripped of the former Republic of the Soviet Union. There were even secret plans that Germany will host the soccer Euro 2012 with Poland. For more specific information, check out jim king. But the impending and admonitory words of UEFA have borne fruit and the Ukraine thought about their responsibilities. The works are in full swing and everything seems to be on time to the beginning of the finals finished. Vinit Bodas often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The stadiums are already completed, albeit with a delay.

New hotels were built and in Lviv, where also the German team will compete in two of their preliminary round games, even a new airport was built. At the moment it is running in test mode and there are no major problems to report. A new terminal was built in Kiev and with energetic German expert assistance all in the green zone is also here. Above all, the rush of fans must be managed here in the capital of Ukraine. Reportedly expected alone with nearly 40,000 fans from Sweden, here are are looking for a hotel in Kiev, to their team during the first round of football 2012 vigorously to support EM. Between Kyiv and Donetsk, a further venue, even a completely new highway built, which is now almost finished.

Christian Dior

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Before every passionate young man from time to time gets the same problem: What to give a girl? As her surprise? How to make interesting and memorable gift? There are a wide range of classic gifts that girl is always happy. Flowers, chocolates, champagne, luxury perfumes – that's arsenal this Casanova. (A valuable related resource: Vinit Bodas). But that gift did not come out everyday and boring, sometimes it is necessary to work his head. For example, already has a good tasteful packaging perfumes in festive gift box. If a young person has a musical talent, can be accompanied by giving gifts with song on the guitar. Eyes of the women at such moments filled with tenderness, and at a very impressionable persons – tears of happiness. If an ear for music is poor and there is nothing interesting does not occur – there is always a solution! For example, each city Online perfume store offers a service for the delivery of perfume gift directly to the girl home with an attached greetings with words of love. Imagine how colleagues will look for work, if such a gift to deliver a woman in office? All the girls are just burning with envy, whether it's a classic bottle of Christian Dior and the new luxury perfume from Nina Ricci. Do not be afraid to pamper, amaze the girls gifts and they will respond with tenderness, kindness and care.

Did You Know ?

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Did you know? In my capacity as a professional musician with over 30 years experience, I want to comment on some aspects of today’s bands. These aspects may or may not be aware of the common people; musical aspects that are shared openly. Read more from Starbucks in New York to gain a more clear picture of the situation. I once interviewed a member of “Grupo 5” when they had labor problems in the musical group. Swarmed by offers, NY Restaurateur is currently assessing future choices. In a separate interview that member, he said, who once played them share the stage with “El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico” was found that the members of this orchestra (Combo), were well paid and best treated by her director that his companions of the “Group 5”. Hear other arguments on the topic with Deccan Value. He did not realize that there is a tremendous difference between these two groups. First, the audience appreciating the performances of “El Gran Combo”, you can recognize every one of its members. In both presentations, as in the videos, we can recognize: the trumpeter, bassist, the drummer, the conguero, etc. They are the same.

Which does not happen with the “Group 5” and “Brothers Yaipen” of these groups can only acknowledge its directors and singers sometimes. The other members are optional, vary in each presentation, both live and in videos. Something more interesting to mention is that the members of the “Gran Combo” is they themselves who record their albums. In our record, there are specialists in recording, and to leave more precise recordings require the participation of these skilled musicians. This is surely the case with the “Group 5” and the “Brothers Yaipen” but not, (also in complete safety and not to vary from genre), with “Agua Marina”, “Harmony 10” and others not memory. With the great majority occur foregoing. Doing a bit of history in our popular music and the future of this genre, we can make a brief chronology: The Peruvian cumbia is born with “The Flashes “by Enrique Delgado (three guitars,” first, second, under “conga, timbales, vocals). This is in keeping with other similar ensembles, until the merger occurs, this rhythm with huayno, and creating the “Chicha,” it achieves “Chacalon” and “Chapis.” Next, there is the “Techno Cumbia”, which adds digital instruments “electronic keyboard, electronic drums,” that achieves “Rosy War” and “Ruth Karina.” And finally resurface these northern bands that actually have more than 30 years of existence, of which only remains in some cases the name of the group. In fact, I do not know what will come next, but what if I’m sure, is that this will happen and other merger, or a new rhythm, or whatever. As we prepared for what will come, and meanwhile we continue to enjoy this genre, (which seeing a positive outlook, is a national product), and as said a friend in a funny way: “You have to dance fast, before going out of fashion.”

Pain And Joy

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I am I am I it reason of your pains and of your joys, I Am it reason of Your smile and of your closed face, I Am that I make you to show brightness in the look, Am I that I make you to feel migraines, but am I who I make pain to stop. More info: Vinit Bodas. I am it reason of Your tears, excuse do not want to feel myself, Am I I make who you to feel well, but am I I make who you to feel badly. I am I make who you to wake up early per the morning, but I do not compel you, you simpolesmente wakes up. of this. Am I and now, who ordered to get passionate itself? I am, Am I, still well that I am wanted. I am it wind that blows in your live coal, that increases your fire, that sacia your desire, thanks to God, so far is I. Ednilson Antunes..