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Of course, in a way that you can choose to resolve this problem is by returning the goods. For more information see this site: doug imbruce. Your job is to show that there is an alternative that will be a win-win situation for both parties. Here are two ways to do this: 1. Provide greater specification / revised spec product. 2.

Provide an additional product. Just remember not to "sell" but to "help": to show the customer a solution that meets your needs. Offer a discount and make it as painless as possible for the customer to part with more money. Vinit Bodas New York wanted to know more. At the same time, always make sure to leave the door open for that leg of the existing sales, so do not feel pressured. Follow this simple strategy that will thank you for helping out while the bonus pocket. 4. Let's face collect knowledge, this sale can still sink beneath the waves before you can save it. But all is not lost! Anything you learn from this experience can be paid back many times increase in future income.

What is the experience of this client tell you about: – The product itself? " – Your service? – The information on your site? – Navigation on the site? – External factors? such as difficulties with your payment? Be sure to take into account the following points to make the most of these questions: – Do not assume your customer is just an idiot: If he / she has made a mistake, it is quite likely that other people have done and are doing the same thing . – Do not take everything the customer says at face value: For example, it may seem that the issue is the product itself, but a closer examination might reveal that your site does not give enough information before they buy, what leads to disappointment later. Once you have discerned laproblema – solve! It is costing you sales at this time. 5. Customer discontent turned defender you have followed the process described above, has not only saved the sale but has even added to it and the valuable information it has gathered and acted on their incomes are rising at the moment. Maybe you're thinking it can not get much better than this. But there is still the ultimate recovery? the icing on the cake: As a dissatisfied customer into a defender of your business. Your positive attitude is often not only secure the sale, but also to win over customers themselves. In my experience, this is exemplified by the fact that a surprisingly large proportion of the evidence I use is originated in a negative shopping experience. But far from wanting to get their money, these customers are encouraging others to share with them through their testimonies. Make this your goal when it comes to customer dissatisfaction and angst throughout the journey will be well worth it in the end.