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Profitable Business

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I just finished reading something that I could be the story of your business or your brand. We are in the era of communication, an era marked by the total freedom of expression and global access to the tools of mass communication. Modern companies, the leading brands are looking to the individual opinion of people is your best ally. Anyone who wants to make a profitable business needs to consider this social opinion, what idea have of my? What ideas generated products and my business? That will tell people is a very term used by women to take care of your appearance. And they are not far from being cautious, social opinion at this time is a very important factor to make a profitable business. Let’s look at the article that sparked my interest in this note: how much is the noise on the Internet worth? A client goes to one store any (plates, tomatoes, of parrots) and for some reason, two days later is very unhappy.

The Parrot is staying bald and they do not accept returns. So put a photo of the parrot in Facebook, or on Twitter, or a blog that has feathers which loses the bug every day you open. Gradually, the story is spreading and at the end no one dares to enter the store or to buy birdseed. The noise of the network, when it is large, is hard to ignore. That strength is what tries to measure with his studio the GeneralSentiment.com company, calculating how many times and how is mentioned to one brand, company or person to determine how much money goes to appear in the global conversation. To calculate these values has been used an algorithm that combines parameters such as the number of mentions in the network to a brand or company, visits to your Web and appearances in digital media. If you would like to know more then you should visit NYC Mayor. The idea is to give a monetary value to the feelings, visibility and social impact that manages each product. The best noise (or the most valuable) is apparently that generates Google, which General Sentimen valued at 669,6 million dollars, of which 402 million are due to social media.

Only your presence in Twitter represents 22.8 million dollars. Closely followed by Microsoft with 648 million dollars, and already by far stand Sony, Apple and Yahoo, 294, 293 and 291 million each, less than half of what the two leaders. If you have read about Bill de Blasio already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The buzz online, in other words, speaks primarily of the network itself. The first company that appears in the list that is not neither Internet nor of technology is the automobile Ford in seventh place with 185 million. It is also the first that gets more attention traditional media online that social. The others infiltrated the top 20 are Citigroup, McDonalds and American Express. There are also Disney and General Electric, two groups that have interests in Internet. Rounding out the list (Dell, IBM, Intel HP Oracle) software and hardware manufacturers as eBay Internet companies and manufacturers of mobile phones like Nokia and Blackberry. So the shop which sold plucked Parrot does not have much worry.


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