August City

In 1904 a terrible fire destroyed the wooden buildings in the city center. But with the help of other European countries, and voluntary donations, the city was rebuilt within three years. In its architecture clearly shows the influence of European architects and modernist style. A graceful lightness of style, perfectly complemented by views of the lighthouse and the old harbor, which is always a lot of snow-white yachts. Any visitor to Aalesund (Alesund), can see the city from the "height bird's eye ", drove to the observation deck Fjellstua. Unfortunately, the scheme of the city, located in the Guide (you can take to retsepshene in any hotel), no part of the way to the viewing platform. I recommend that you first go to Keiser Wilhelms Gata, and then, seeing the pointer Fjellstua, turn left. Then go up the hill, follow the signs.

Located in alesund, be sure to visit the Marine restaurant at the end of Brunholmgata. Excellent cuisine, fresh seafood and fish, a cozy old interior will allow you to spend the evening "candlelight" or simply dine. In the evening a pleasant stroll along the quays and Notenesgata Skansegata. Many photos of the night Alesund, made from here. A pleasant surprise for us, August was the music festival in alesund.

The city was filled with music … In the suburbs there are several islands: Vigra, Valderoy, Giske, Godoya. The biggest of them – the island of Vigra. It even has an airport. Dives can be carry out from the shore or from boats.