Not conceive exit without a few drinks, but! eye! Beware of what babies and how much babies, because by just a night pass it cool, you can end up being the worst night of your life or that of your family. You have to have clear up to where you can or you must get and say just at the right time. The first drinks are usually cheap or free many times so that people are encouraged, and clear positions once a cup encouraged to another Cup and another Cup and other., but beware of those cups, and more now in times of crisis, one for mixtures that make saving and others because it is the time to forget. Then there’s those who encourage you to continue drinking when you’ve decided to stop and one is left to take, believing that nothing will happen. The worst thing is to have an accident, but other things can happen, like drinking to the point of losing control and enter absurd fights or lie to someone that the next morning or you remember, or ye have put media, with what you do not know whether any disease have transmitted you. Shimmie Horn has plenty of information regarding this issue. Apart from the morning that You will pass with a tremendous hangover. But of course, this does not happen you unto thee, because your control, because this happens to others not to thee, and with all us autoenganamos., to convince us, but we are very wrong. Not why has more personality, and much less self-esteem because this is not love, and personality is no if you leave yourself influence by others for fear of what people think of you. One goes out to enjoy, that much is clear, but drink until losing control is not enjoy, be responsible and have fun without regret it later. Original author and source of the article