Beverages Containing Ethyl Alcohol


Beverages containing ethyl alcohol is called alcohol. These include: vodka, grape wine, fruit and berry wine, beer and other beverages. Natural grape wines are due to fermentation of grape juice, and fruit and berry wine from the juice of various fruits and berries. In them, in addition to alcohol (10-16%) contained tartaric, malic, acetic, succinic acid. The so-called strong ("gain" or "fastened") wines (port, Modera, etc.) obtained from natural wines by adding to them the alcohol (20%), spirits (vodka, brandy, rum) contain 40-57% alcohol, the production of beverages to implement the various distilleries. In sweet wines (dessert) contain a lot of sugar in the so-called dry wines, it is not enough. Due to the small amount of wine esters are suitable aroma, bouquet, reflexively reinforcing actions of alcohol.

Sparkling wine (Champagne), despite a slight alcohol content (10-13%) have a clear and rapid marked effect on the central nervous system because they contain carbon dioxide dramatically increases the absorbability of alcohol and speed its content in the blood. Please be aware that long-term administration of alcoholic beverages, and can lead to addiction to them with all the consequences. Beer contains, along with a small amount of alcohol (10%) nutrients in an easily digestible and absorbable form, carbon dioxide increases their absorption, and a number of other substances (for example, bitter substances, hops), stimulates the appetite. However, large quantities of beer can do injury. Craft preparation of alcoholic beverages (the so-called home-brew or vodka) is very poisonous, as they have an admixture of fusel oil, which irritates the mucous membranes, inhibits the vital centers of the medulla oblongata (respiratory, vasomotor), causes a sharp vasodilation, headache, dizziness, vomiting, and sometimes even loss of consciousness.

Often they are the cause of fatal poisoning.