Colombian Football

It has finished the round semifinal of the PRIMERA C one gives the most important categories in Colombian football for its wide coverage throughout the national territory. The final will be disputed by teams Coogranada low Cauca of Caucasia (Antioquia), Warriors of Cartagena, Sabanalarga (of the municipality of the same name, neighbor to Barranquilla) and union Maicao, on behalf of the Department of La Guajira. The surprise of the tournament was not the classification of these teams, which made sufficient merits to achieve it, but the Elimination of the Real Maicao, one of the strongest boxes throughout the Championship. The unexpected elimination of the Real Maicao in PRIMERA C, after his brilliant campaign in the initial tournament round and the first round of the semifinal makes it necessary to think about the causes of this adverse result. It is obvious that it is not a coincidence nor of a factor isolated but a summation of facts which we present the most relevant 1. The interruption of the Championship at the time that played better team. The competition was suspended for 56 days to facilitate the development of the youth national championship. The parenthesis was not entirely necessary but the Difutbol took that determination and forced teams to paralyze its official powers in a span of almost two months.

For the actual was terrible because, although they played friendly matches, he lost job continuity and cohesion of the titular group. 2. For the tie against Magangue. The classification was lost in this match that the Crusader box began overwhelming but then gave a tie and, incidentally, two points, which would have been enough not only to reach a quota in the final but to win the group. That Party on August 24 was the key to a campaign to have better results. 3. By four points yielded at the estadio Hernando Urrea Acosta.