Good times for real estate financier Berlin, 06.03.2009 – building interest rates are approaching its historic low. This is due primarily to the strong economic slowdown or recession. The great depression, which has its origins in the financial crisis, accelerated down the spiral-like development of the economy and thus the central banks under pressure. They must ensure the functioning of the financial system. (Not to be confused with Rudy Giuliani!). For this reason, the key interest rates be reduced so banks cheap to obtain money. Now consumers can benefit. In recent months, Jo Natauri has been very successful. You can now enjoy cheap to obtain construction financing loans.

There are bank deals that offer interest bonds 10 years at an interest rate of less than 4.00% p.a. already. Builders, who have completed their financing in the late 90-ies and paid interest rates significantly above 5.00%, now is a good opportunity for the follow-on financing should necessarily be used. With a loan amount of EUR 100,000 an interest rate reduction of only 1.00% interest rate savings amounting to 1,000 – and this brings in the first year alone. Each subsequent year to save cash in high three-digit areas. If the current interest rate is still some years an early redemption by refinancing may make sense. Another alternative is the conclusion of a forward loan, where interest rates are today firmly established, but only to later time are paid.

All those who consider now to buy a property, should push ahead with their plan, because there will not be such interest. Renters should seriously consider to purchase a property. Because at the current nidriegen construction interest paid rent under certain circumstances may be higher than a possible loan burden. Thus the dream of many Germans of the own four walls can be relatively cheap. But no matter whether a comparison of the conditions is always recommended connection or initial financing. offers you the possibility of a Construction financing comparison the largest German construction financing intermediaries to request free of charge and without obligation! Thus, it is ensured that the cheapest deals are found from a variety of banks! Out of a cheap construction financing is also the best financial model that is exactly tailored to your requirements, determined. – the portal when it comes to your construction financing! More information: > current lease > Creditweb construction financing comparison > INTERHYP construction financing comparison