Ecological Picture Frame –

For the first time on sale of online shop the new wood frame boasts sustainable frame its appealing design. “But it is above all the choice of material, the ecologically valuable, the predicate” deserves. The Nielsen Ecocare”created an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wooden picture frame. Exclusively water-based colours were used in the production of this framework are free of solvents. In addition, recycled and recyclable components are used. Bamboo and rubber tree the wood used for the bar are the rubber tree and the extremely versatile bamboo.

The wood of the rubber is used for years by instrument makers due to its excellent properties. Now, Nielsen establishes first eco-friendly photo frame made of bamboo wood. Bamboo is very well suited as raw material for frame, it grows quickly, is hard and at the same time easy to work with. The noble grain ensures that visually very appealing the bamboo picture frame impact. Follow others, such as NYC marathon, and add to your knowledge base. Four points for sustainability the new ecological frame of Nielsen Ecocare “new accents series: they are tree-friendly because they are made from environmentally friendly wood or recycled plantation wood.” The Ecocare”are non-toxic wood frame. Rear panel and frame are treated with solvent-free water-based paints. The rear panel and depositors consist of recycled materials. A mat and glass are recyclable.

The ecological picture frames are available in three versions and 6 different formats: bamboo, bamboo Mocca and black rubber tree. Nielsen Bainbridge has a pioneer for a sustainable frame the world market leader for aluminum framing for years on the sustainable use of resources. Environmentally friendly production processes be optimized again. For his wooden frame Nielsen Bainbridge cooperates exclusively to partners, the priority which has sustainable timber production. With the new frame series Ecocare” the company new accents. Picture frame Ecocare at the Berlin online delivery for picture frames and accessories, the wooden frame Ecocare now can be ordered online. The company can already point to a long and strategic collaboration with Nielsen Bainbridge and is proud to take the environmental frame as one of the first in its product range.