Economic Analysis


For example, in 2004, according to numerous requests for drivers crossing the Cherepovets and Pskov streets, where the weekly event of an accident found stoplight. It is true, then the number of accidents has not decreased: it was only available direct red and green light, without turning arrows, and the drivers were unable to rotate through the stream. According to Sergei Kuznetsov, a decision objectives were to attract the best minds of the number of road workers. Last year at the traffic lights added arrows. Accident immediately stopped. To know more about this subject visit Bill de Blasio. How difficult is it a constructive proposal to change an inconvenient for the residents of nearby houses road markings, ip decided to check out a specific example. On the street top margin built new homes and made a turn towards him, and opposite directions – the solid line, left over from when the houses and did not exist.

Reversal not nearby. Drivers are forced to turn in your yard in violation of the rules, than, by some accounts, is sometimes used by traffic police patrols, collecting "tribute" to the offenders. ip addressed in urban management for Southeast administrative environ-gu with the question of how drivers achieve continuous replacement of the band at this point to intermittent, or at least turn the organization around easy. Section Head, Economic Analysis and Housing reform of urban governance in South-Eastern District Anatoly Moroz said ip that people should write a letter to the prefecture, and promised that it would consider even a single complaint. True, warned that The letter should be a constructive proposal, because "you never know what the citizens of writing." Time for consideration of such letters of requests by law established in one month, but not the fact that the answer does not prove the usual evasion "listened, took note.