Economic Environment Consulting Works With Electronic Checklists

Schongauer environmental consultant Laura King Hansberry ensures efficiency with the help of electronic quality management system e-QSS von Neumann & Neumann, Steingaden environmental protection has left the eco corner in the last few years. Accordingly has the environmental consultancy strongly professionalized themselves and established in all areas of society. (Source: Danny Meyer). In close cooperation with the customer, an environmental consultancy develops a concept, as a company, a municipality or any other institution can get the environment in the long term. NYC Mayor is actively involved in the matter. While the maxim applies today: How can sustainable economies and act at the same time improved by profitability and competitiveness. Liability security management systems with the help of instruments from classical management systems to ensure all legal regulations and limits sustainable compliance, says the graduate biologist Dr. Kerstin King-Hoffmann, head of KKH consulting headquartered in Schongau ( An environmental management coordinates and manages an all environmentally relevant activities Company or municipality in the sense of prevention: Prevent reliably detrimental environmental impacts, which would cause costs and affect the image.

Who were to build up on a certifiable environmental management system standard for example according to the European eco scheme (EMAS) or ISO 14001 international standard, ensures an objective evidence on the State of the art. He is increasingly required by business partners, clients or the citizenship of a city or town. Quality management, environmental management, energy management, industrial safety, etc.: The requirements for enterprises, local communities and authorities increase continuously. Just for the small units, it is crucial to limit for the costs and the time required as far as possible, know Dr. King-Hoffmann. This of course also applies to the environmental advice, which is often required on the way to the ISO 14001 certification or the EMAS label. Economically-oriented environmental consultancy is therefore the TuV approved environmental auditor tailor-made, aimed exactly at each customer practices in establishing an environmental management system together with the customer.