Much has been said that certain types of cuts are going better to certain types of face and although not liked by many is the truth. There are many types of haircuts and often some like us who sincerely not going very well. Maybe good identify that type of face we have and how you cut are best. Haircut should enhance your face, making you look more it cute, full of life. Here I present some forms of faces and hairstyles that will well each face according to experts. 1 Oval face: According to experts is why ideal face shape any hairstyle and haircut looks good. They have the oval face have total freedom to emphasize what they want, whether cheeks, lips eyes.

If they can be made up to a Bob haircut, you can read my article Bob hair cut by clicking here. Some of the stars who have the oval face are: Thalia, Giselle Blondet, Eva Mendez, Mariana Seoane, Amelia Vega (long but oval), Sharon Stone, Britney Spears, Charlize Theron and Beyonce Knowles. 2 Round face: This face is so long as wide creating a circle. Cuts that are going well to this type of face are the ones who tend to lengthen the face. To avoid emphasizing the round shape of the face cuts should be used under the Chin. Cuts with layers of different levels do see provided but careful with layers you arribas of the cheeks, it is best to avoid them. Cuts and hairstyles you should avoid if you have this type of face are parties in the Middle, cuts ending in the Chin and the bangs because they make that I will see shorter face. Some of the stars that have this type of face are: Christina Ricci, Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet. 3 Face heart shape: the girls who have this type of face should avoid fringes can do see the smaller face.