German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Almost none of the participants has omitted a question, or canceled the catalog that we have apparently asked the right questions. 2238 participants reflect clear ideas and desires of users in Germany over a period of 8 weeks. Therefore we will send you the total transport Minister Peter Ramsauer, as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel quasi as a little food for thought for good transport policy”, so Dr. Michael HABERLAND, 1st Chairman of Mobil in Germany e.V.. Mobile in Germany a character wants to contact his 2nd traffic survey 2011 (after 2010) for a meaningful and effective mobility in this country. Analysis of the questions: In the following, we want to thematically summarize the individual questions for better understanding and break down. You will find the individual questions and the exact percentage results separately as a pdf attachment.

Exciting, we found that some issues achieved a legendary approval or rejection rate by up to 93% (!). General: The car is the means of locomotion No. 1 and will remain so for an indefinite period. As 77.4% of respondents feel that. Let’s at least 90% of all paths in life Finally, with the car back.

Policy: Although you would think that the locomotion No. 1 in Germany has a strong political and social lobby, motorists not to feel that. 76% of participants indicating that you feel do not adequately represented as motorists from the policy, 75% think that you pay much and get little in return for it. Get bad marks from the drivers especially for the Greens: 71% of respondents believe that the Greens are hostile to auto set. A general speed of 30 cities is just no choice recommendation. Motorists and EU: Bad marks for the EU: 65% of respondents believe that the authorities in Brussels are not driver friendly. After all: 61% want that ticket be enforced throughout the EU.