Holy Catholic Church


For the exercise of power was necessary to resort to manipulation of a few uneducated people, blindly delivered to their religious leaders. If you would like to know more about Central Park, then click here. It is appropriate, therefore, contemplate apparently religious conflicts that now beset us. These reflections are applicable in Spain, when the Catholic hierarchy has been promoting concentrations public, almost always hostile to the Government, with various religious pretexts, as defending his own concept of the family (which is not threatened because also accept other non-matching with the concepts). Absurd neologisms of theological (such as cristofobia or estadolatria) resonances are used to qualify it is not anything other than the simple execution of what the Constitution states with regard to the relations between State and Church. This allows to deduce that basically what happens there is, here and now also a struggle for power. The power lost by the Spanish Catholic hierarchy from which It was repealed earlier legislation of the State, with fundamental principles like this: the Spanish nation regarded as ring of honor compliance to the law of God, the doctrine of the Holy Catholic Church, Apostolic and Roman, only true and faith inseparable from national consciousness, which inspire its legislation. And that it can not want to adapt the text of the Constitution of 1978: no confession will have state character. The public authorities shall take into account the religious beliefs of Spanish society and maintain consequent relations of cooperation with the Catholic Church and other denominations.

The text, on the other hand, many would like reform, by which encloses preference towards a religion specific. Power or religion: this is the issue, we could conclude, modestly paraphrasing Hamlet. The answer, in most cases, is the title of this comment: power and religion; each one using or trying to use the other, as history amply shows. Alberto Piris General of artillery in the original book author and source of the article.