Japan And Sushi!

The sushi is the dish most popular in Japan and one of the most famous dishes outside, can be found today in any part of the world. In recent times it has become so fashionable that you can not only taste it in the own restaurant but, increasingly in more cities, you can order it to carry as multi-site food at home in Madrid. Japan has a length of approximately 1000 km from North to South and consists of 1042 Islands. Due to this geographical dispersion areas with different climates even cuisines differ clearly. However, the most commonly consumed plate in any area, undoubtedly, is the sushi. The sushi was born in Japan as a result of the merger between fishing, one of its main natural resources, and Agriculture of rice, soy and legumes and has become one of the main dishes in your diet.

In its beginnings, the sushi was consumed only by people with scarce economic resources while at present it is a culinary arts worldwide, a pleasure, a delicacy, a delight, which is also within the reach of everyone. The process of elaboration of the sushi is very simple. In its beginnings, it consisted, basically, keep rice wrapped in fish, or any other type of product, such as seafood or algae. Then let it ferment, until the rice produced a liquid called lactic acid, which allowed the preservation of the product, thus creating the famous Sushi. Since then the sushi has evolved introducing in their elaboration new changes and new habits of different cuisines which has been influenced, as the case of the U.S., which have left many varieties of sushi as New York is roll or the California roll. Today, and depending on the restaurant, you can already find many types of sushi.

This is creating a trend of increased consumption of the same in the own restaurant and is even increasing commissions as food to enjoy at home. Among the great variety of sushi, we find some very famous and consumed in our country, such as:-Temaki: means hand rolls. They are cones filled with rice for sushi, seafood and vegetables, wrapped in nori seaweed. -Nigiri: ball-shaped sushi rice. At the top is put fish, seafood or meat – Gunkan: dried seaweed and sushi stuffed with seafood rice – Norimaki: seafood with rice and sushi wrapped in dried seaweed. Seen so, enjoy the food at home without leaving your House! And remember that sushi is low in fat and many people use it in their diet to maintain his line.