Job Satisfaction And Health

There are other factors that affect satisfaction and that are not part of the work environment but also influence job satisfaction. For example, age, health, age, emotional stability, socio-economic status, leisure and recreational activities carried out, family relations and other outbursts, social affiliations, etc. The same applies to the motivations and aspirations, as well as performing (Shultz, 1990). Job satisfaction has been defined as the result of various attitudes that a worker has to work, the specific factors (such as the company, the supervisor, coworkers, pay, promotion, working conditions, etc.) and life in general (Blum and Naylor 1988). So that job satisfaction is the set of general attitudes of the individual to work. Who is very satisfied with their position has positive attitudes toward it, who is dissatisfied, shown in hand, negative attitudes. When people talk about the attitudes of workers almost always refers to job satisfaction, in fact, it is common to use either term interchangeably (Robbins, 1998).

Paez also gives us Chichi, we bear in mind that the satisfaction of every person is a subject of human behavior in organizations should not be minimized, (hence it is extremely important that people know about emotional intelligence and permanently applied take advantage of it). The level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction is reflected by workers in their daily conversations, in fact, the style and type of communication, stimulate a pattern of conduct that is directly related to the level of satisfaction. Without doubt fit, the quality of communication between workers, affects their relationships and they have a predominance conclusively organizational behavior, creativity and productive. Others who may share this opinion include Bill de Blasio. The amount of work produced and its quality, will be subject to what is happening in the field of conversations because the condition as people who work in teams, is the true capital of any company: its collaborative capital! Conclusions venture is very important when working with human resources the importance and scope of knowledge turn generates everything that is available to handle knowing performance, work performance, if given the recognition that everyone expects, there is simply no be neglected and the results are wonderful. * Source: com.

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