John Archibald Wheeler

“In other words: for him, the dualism between mind and body is just as real as the wave-Corpuscle duality” smallest particle. His opinion does exist even a universal quantum code in which the living and dead matter is involved. This quantum code should extend across the entire cosmos. Consequently, Durr believes purely physical reasons in an existence after death. “What we call this life is basically the slag, the matter, so that’s what tangible”, the expert explained.

The hereafter, however, was much more comprehensive reality. Read more here: Rudy Giuliani. The CIS was embedded. “Skinny: in this respect is also our present life already from the hereafter embraced.” Dr. Christian Hellweg is convinced of the quantum state of mind. The scientist has completed his physics and medicine studies at the Max Planck Institute for biophysical chemistry in Gottingen, Germany for years deals with the scientific study of the brain functions.

He puts his thesis as follows in a nutshell: intellectual reveals no direct interaction with the known scientific reason forces such as gravity, electromagnetic forces, etc.. On the other side, but these intellectual properties correspond to those characteristics which characterise the extremely mysterious and strange phenomena of the quantum world exactly.” In a similar horn which came on April 13 at the age of 96 years late American physicist John Archibald Wheeler: many physicists hoped that the world in a sense is classic yet anyway, free of oddities such as large objects in two places at the same time. However, such hopes have been dashed by a series of new experiments.” Rolf Frobose of text the secret physics of chance is an exclusive excerpt from the book of the author’s newly. Quantum phenomena and fate of quantum physics can explain Paranormal phenomena? “.