Naked Lunch Whitman


THE INFLUENCE OF WALT WHITMAN IN BEAT GENERATION ' ' Movement beat' ' it is a used term to describe a group of North American artists, mainly writers and poets, who had come if to become known in end of the decade of 1950 and in the start of the decade of 1960. The expression Beat Generation was invented by Jack Kerouack in 1948, but he was its friend John Clellon Holmes wrote years later, an article in New York Times Magazine with the heading ' ' This is beat generation' '. Walt Whitman had fort influence on the literature of this period and by influencing in such a way, one of the parents was considered spirituals of this generation. The style of nomadic life that Whitman led was adopted by the movement Beat and its main writers, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs, authors of the respective romances ' ' Howl' ' , ' ' On the Road' ' ' ' Naked Lunch' '. The libertarian character and the obscenity found in these workmanships had also had inspiration in the poetries of Walt Whitman.

The members of the Beat Generation had developed a reputation as the new hedonistas bohemians who celebrated not-conformity and the spontaneous creativity, another characteristic of Whitman. It is interesting to observe that the Beat Generation represented the only one voice in to arise it to U.S.A. against the macarthismo, intolerncia politics that promoted the call ' ' it hunts to bruxas' ' , resulting in a period of intense anti-communist patrol, persecution politics and disrespect to the civil laws in the United States, which lasted of the end of the decade of 1940 until middle of the decade of 1950.Vale to observe that many of the calls ' ' beats' ' they were communist or of left, being, in the generality, of anarchic trend, analyzing them of a point of view politician.