Oscar Ceremony 2009 – All Winners At Buecher.de

Hollywood feeling the this year’s Oscar ceremony showed off a Hugh Jackman as a fantastic presenter and high-calibre show-acts in the online-shop of buecher.de by glamorous evening dresses. In addition, a great actor was honored, which unfortunately no longer was allowed to witness this event. The surprises were limited however, because the winners were the Favorites in advance. But winners were them all, because the Oscar nomination is the second largest award for an actor and so winners and nominees can be found in the online-shop of buecher.de. So every film fan can get a piece of Hollywood in the homely living room.

“” We are Oscar”in Germany there is much reason to cheer, as the reader Bernhard Schlink bestseller”impressed the Academy as well, such as the German short real film toys”. “So was Kate Winslet for your main role as Hanna in the reader” rewarded with an Oscar and also the Berlin Director Jochen Alexander Freydank (toy land) went with one of the coveted Gold Statue Home. With trick to the Oscar to the Oscar for the best animated film, the three most successful animated films of the last year tore. “But against the little robot WALL-E”, Kung Fu saw Panda”and bolt-the dog for all cases” old out and so put the Pixar Animation Studios for the time at the Oscars by. The award of the best male supporting actor will go down in the history of the Oscars, because favorite Heath Ledger the Oscar was awarded posthumously. “For his magnificent performance of the Joker in Batman-the Dark Knight” won the ceremony and minute-long applause. Sad, but also stirred, the parents of the deceased Hollywood stars took the Oscar and dedicated it to his daughter Matilda.

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