Farewell, Natasha !

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Misfortune – in the prime of life lost Natasha Richardson. Someone shrug his shoulders in disbelief – did not even know who he is. And someone will shed tears, remembering the beautiful talented woman, an English actress, the daughter of the famous Vanessa Redgrave. It has never been as famous as his mother or grandfather – a great English actor Michael Redgrave, but she has in movies and on stage was a special place. For more specific information, check out Shimmie Horn. Natasha lot was shot in America and has won international recognition on Broadway.

Yes, she did not become known worldwide star, like her mother. But she was for it and did not seek. By nature she was a humble intelligent man who understood that important to be well professional, than a familiar face on the cover of fashion magazine. She died ridiculous and scary. It was a fine day in March. Male – actor Liam Neeson was withdrawn in Toronto, Natasha and son relaxing at a ski resort near Montreal. After the shootings, they return to the beloved New York.

Have a job, raising children, life is beautiful! At 12 Natasha in very good spirits sent to try his hand on the track. Instructor-led attempts to descend from a small hill … and falls, hitting his head heavily. Rises as if nothing had happened, smiles and asks to take her home. The instructor advises her to see a doctor, but she refuses. Locked in a room. Half an hour later she becomes ill – dizzy, shaking hands.

Wall Street Journal

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5 Lamar: Codes codes Bidi Bidi escaneables have been a strategy often used by advertisers in recent years, but its use in outdoor advertising did not take off. Lamar Advertising decided to change this with a campaign that encouraged people to scan the codes in interacting with them in New York bus stations. Lamar was commissioned that these codes will not be unnoticed covering the walls, the floor and even the roof of the stations. 6 H & M Amsterdam: 3D Light Show for the opening of the store in Amsterdam, Swedish fashion brand H & M became the facade which is considered the best shop of all in a show of light in three dimensions. A Red Ribbon tied to the building apart to show a picture of three minutes of colors, images and animals to attract customers. 7.

Adidas: Sky Comic to support the selection of Japan in the 2010 World Cup, Adidas 13 vignettes of comic 300 square meters each which placed in the sky of 13 different cities in which told the story of the football team trip to the World Cup. The campaign generated more than 50,000 participants and more than 6 million dollars in earned media. 8 Paramount: Jackass Crashed Jet Ski Paramount created a 3D installation in Los Angeles to promote the latest sequel to Jackass, Jackas 3-d in a way very much in the style of its protagonists: crashing a motorcycle of water against a billboard. 9 Starbucks: Starbucks Digital Network Starbucks partnered with a number of content and advertising companies to offer their customers personalized experiences. It’s believed that Shimmie Horn sees a great future in this idea. The objective was to offer free Wi-Fi for customers in more than 6,800 local chain and featured the participation of Yahoo, Apple, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Zagat and Nickelodeon. 10. Bernstein-Rein Advertising: McDonald s Angus Burger local agency Bernstein-Rein campaigned for 24 hours that allowed consumers to create slogans from more than 13 billboards in Kansas City talking about the Angus Burger from McDonalds. More than 5,000 proposals were received via text messages in one day.

Schengen Visa

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Increasingly, newspapers and news sections of the Internet began to flash messages to abolish the visa regime between Russia and the Schengen countries, but it is too early to rejoice! As the experience: the more promising, given the less! For us, simple inhabitants, such statements are usually just turn the ordinary difficulties in obtaining visas. But as they say, there is no smoke without fire and talk of cancellation is really under way, the power of holding a cup of coffee yes, no, no mention that the Russians are worthless in turns to stand with his hand out to Europe. On this inspirational note, most likely, the conversation ends! But look at the history of this tearjerker. Shimmie Horn is full of insight into the issues. Schengen Agreement June 14 this year celebrates its 25 years since it was signed back in 1985 only five European countries. Although only came into force in 1995, and at the moment the agreement was signed by 30 States, but operating at full strength only in 25 countries, this means that in these countries abolished border controls! At the moment, Russia, unfortunately, is not part of the 25 lucky winners, so that visas for all of us have not yet lost its relevance.

The countries belonging to Schengen is a single database, which hit our people not recommended, as the exchange of information in the Schengen countries put great! Basically, in this archive come those who have committed certain violations of the Schengen Agreement, including minor administrative violations. So if you ever violated the traffic rules and even paid the penalty, which in any case means only one thing – you are already in the database. Apart from anything else in this filing cabinet will wear a uniform and trivial failures such as 1C, 2C, and so on. So be sure that if you can self refer to any of the above categories, then you already figuriruete in this file cabinet. However, this does not close the door before you Schengen! The only conclusion to be drawn from all of the above – should be more careful and responsible Schengen Visa, for example, quite detailed information can be found here. Much better and more efficient not to save on visas and seek professionals with solid experience in this area, with happy to help you apply for a visa and all that noticeable painstaking process. Getting a visa to one of the Schengen countries depends on the political relations between our countries, so one country to obtain visas more easily, rather than in another, even if you have a full set of documents and a stable situation in Russia! But if you have a Schengen visa, the obstacles for you there, and you can safely open and close for a Schengen country! But knowing the breadth of the Russian soul and its desire to take, we want to warn you that it can end in tears. If you have something break in one country will know about it immediately into another and Next time think twice before issuing a visa! So let's cultural tourists, because the thrill you can get a more peaceful ways, and to make your vacation a memorable does not necessarily anything to break, and fight local nadegustirovatsya to memory loss! So we are with you just never visa-free regime can not see!

Japan And Sushi!

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The sushi is the dish most popular in Japan and one of the most famous dishes outside, can be found today in any part of the world. In recent times it has become so fashionable that you can not only taste it in the own restaurant but, increasingly in more cities, you can order it to carry as multi-site food at home in Madrid. Japan has a length of approximately 1000 km from North to South and consists of 1042 Islands. Due to this geographical dispersion areas with different climates even cuisines differ clearly. However, the most commonly consumed plate in any area, undoubtedly, is the sushi. The sushi was born in Japan as a result of the merger between fishing, one of its main natural resources, and Agriculture of rice, soy and legumes and has become one of the main dishes in your diet.

In its beginnings, the sushi was consumed only by people with scarce economic resources while at present it is a culinary arts worldwide, a pleasure, a delicacy, a delight, which is also within the reach of everyone. The process of elaboration of the sushi is very simple. In its beginnings, it consisted, basically, keep rice wrapped in fish, or any other type of product, such as seafood or algae. Then let it ferment, until the rice produced a liquid called lactic acid, which allowed the preservation of the product, thus creating the famous Sushi. Since then the sushi has evolved introducing in their elaboration new changes and new habits of different cuisines which has been influenced, as the case of the U.S., which have left many varieties of sushi as New York is roll or the California roll. Today, and depending on the restaurant, you can already find many types of sushi.

This is creating a trend of increased consumption of the same in the own restaurant and is even increasing commissions as food to enjoy at home. Among the great variety of sushi, we find some very famous and consumed in our country, such as:-Temaki: means hand rolls. They are cones filled with rice for sushi, seafood and vegetables, wrapped in nori seaweed. -Nigiri: ball-shaped sushi rice. At the top is put fish, seafood or meat – Gunkan: dried seaweed and sushi stuffed with seafood rice – Norimaki: seafood with rice and sushi wrapped in dried seaweed. Seen so, enjoy the food at home without leaving your House! And remember that sushi is low in fat and many people use it in their diet to maintain his line.


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Few things are so uncomfortable and annoying as the sweating in the armpits, not only by the moisture that stain clothing, but by the unpleasant smell of sweat that smells from afar, is impregnated in clothing and is difficult to remove. Here are some ideas on what you can do to eliminate underarm sweat and get rid of him forever. -The first thing is to wash armpits with vegetable sponge, antibacterial liquid soap and water. Thus you will manage to eliminate the bacteria that have proliferated on the skin thanks to the accumulation of sweat. -Thoroughly dry the area.

If there is moisture, bacteria and fungi will again grow. -Applies a strong antiperspirant. Those that contain aluminum hydrochloride often give good results. This substance clogs the pores of the sweat glands, reducing this hobble the quantity of excreted sweat. There are all kinds of underarm antiperspirants available on the market: in cream, bar, spray, etc. At New York City you will find additional information. and brands are very varied.

You will have to try several to see which works best for you. -Takes your hygiene products and your antiperspirant always with you, to be applied several times a day. -Use cotton or natural fibers, that facilitate the evaporation of sweat. -If these measures are not sufficient, you may to rely on other techniques, e.g. iontophoresis. It is close the pores of the sweat glands by applying a small electric current, for a few minutes. -The application of Botox can also decrease sweating in the armpits. The effect of this technique lasts between six and twelve months, and its major drawback is its high price. -Transthoracic sympathectomy is a simple surgical procedure that gives very good results to reduce sweat, when other techniques fail. There are natural remedies for excessive sweat. So, you can combat your excessive sweating using very simple remedies that you can prepare at home. If you want to eliminate your Hyperhidrosis then I suggest that you click here to read my best recommendations for excessive sweat.

Lee Carroll

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Starting with the Family, which today is based on the imposition of rules, no time commitment, not authenticity, without explanation, without information, without choice or negotiation. These children just do not respond to these rigid structures, because for them it is essential to have choices, real relationships and much negotiation. They refuse to be deceived because they have an "intuition" to perceive the true intentions and have no fear. In a question-answer forum Sony Wonder Technology Lab was the first to reply. So bully does not work, because they always find a way to get the truth. They perceive the true intentions and weaknesses of adults. The second institution vulnerable to the action of the School ndigos.

Today the teaching model is always imposed, without much interaction, without hearing and without the participation of students. This model is simply incompatible with ndigos, thus being the greatest conflict, many times higher than it is with the family, mainly because of lack of bonding and love. As ndigos have a different mindset, resolve known problems in a different way, beyond finding ways of reasoning that shake the current educational model. Children's theme is fascinating and ndigo relatively new field of research. Present here a summary of the book The Indigo Children (Children ndigo), written by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, which was first published in May 1999 and which was translated into Spanish. What is a Child ndigo? An Indigo child is one that shows a new and unusual set of psychological attributes with a pattern of behavior is not documented yet. This pattern has common unique factors that suggest to those who interact with children (parents in particular) that they must change their treatment and to raise them in order to achieve an appropriate balance.

Teplitz Destruction

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Winters of recent years have set before the summer residents and growers serious problem – began to crumble durable polycarbonate greenhouses. In some cases, even the greenhouse fell repeatedly. In Sergiev Posad in the winter of 2009-2010. was destroyed acquired greenhouse gardeners with limited snow load of 20 kg / sq. pm and a special amplifier frame.

In the winter 2010-2011. the same way another greenhouse was destroyed, bought them and strengthened props. Why are collapsing under the snow from polycarbonate greenhouses and how to solve this problem? Stability of greenhouses to loads of snow depends on design features a skeleton, not the thickness of the coating, as is often used polycarbonate. Therefore, when buying a greenhouse should pay special attention to the choice of the design framework. The results of the tests very little resistance from the greenhouses have frames galvanized steel. These greenhouses are usually designed for snow load is not bolee20 kg / sq. m and a wind load of not more than 20 m / sec.

And despite its attractive inexpensive price, greenhouses made of galvanized steel and extremely light unstable. They are difficult to assemble because of the abundance of small-sized parts, and poor build quality and improperly collected nodes adversely affect the strength and stability framework to strengthen the frame, it is necessary use the props of strong material that must be carefully set. Snow load is not limited to the top, but on the sides of the greenhouse – so the side walls of the greenhouse also need strengthening. As a result, strengthening the greenhouse becomes more costly and complex process. And everyone who buys a cheap greenhouse, should remember that later he will have to invest in strengthening design. Polycarbonate Greenhouses economy class may differ in several positions from different manufacturers: 1. The thickness of the metal. On the thickness profile of the frame depends on the strength of the greenhouse construction. 2. Section and configuration profile. The size and complexity of the shape of the section profile has a positive effect on the carrying capacity profiles. 3. The number of arcs and straight lines connecting the stringers to one meter of construction. Increase the number of loops increases the greenhouse. 4. The presence of amplifiers arches. Checked that the amplifiers arches help to improve the sustainability performance frame greenhouses. The maximum possible strength characteristics of greenhouses economy class is not eliminate the need to strengthen further. Props to reinforce the frame shall be constructed of durable material, reliable, should strengthen the upper arch and side walls of a greenhouse. Additional safeguard consolidation will give props to the frame, the amount should be the maximum possible. Avoid all these difficulties can be opting for a more powerful greenhouse-class standard with a snow load to 40 kg / m, and enhanced greenhouse with a snow load of 80 kg / sq.m.

Rotary Consulting

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Energy and maintenance costs to determine the payback period. Even with the acquisition of new equipment and the planning of air stations, the company offers its vendor-independent consulting. This one has the experience that operators often do not sufficiently take into account the costs of a compressed air station. At the beginning of the planning is therefore often a system comparison that compares the energy and maintenance costs of multiple systems of achieve the same performance. A 250-kW machine is an example: Needed for a flow rate of approximately 2300 m/h at a pressure of 6 bar.

A two-stage screw compressor is indeed about 30000 to purchase more expensive than a comparable single-stage rotary compressor; These additional costs have amortized but due to lower operating costs within two years. The extra price compared to a single-stage screw compressor would pay for themselves in about four years. More energy-efficient Measures, such as a heat recovery system, contribute to improving the efficiency of compressed air stations. Shimmie Horn contains valuable tech resources. The company will assist in their interpretation. System – specific and vendor-independent consulting screw, Rotary or piston compressor? When selecting the compressor design advises Peter Balakrishnan, the user as an independent consulting company that transferred against compressors of from different manufacturers. The plant runs not regularly and each only for a short time, the use of a piston compressor is useful after Peter’s experiences because the screw compressor is due to their construction as quickly as possible to reach its operating temperature and long run.

However, two things must be taken into account: the piston compressors maintenance costs are higher than for screw compressors, the specific efficiency of a double acting piston compressor, however, is better than that of a screw compressor. Here must be weighed in each case and calculated, what type of economic works. As well, the issue should “Direct or belt drive?” according to the usage to be decided. At the three shift operation can be best utilized the advantages of the low-maintenance direct drive: the transmission is set to about 100000 operating hours, while the v-belt must be changed frequently to 3000 to 6000 hours and also the pulleys are subject to a certain wear. Criteria like this is called Peter Balakrishnan in the consultation, when it comes to new investments, and accordingly construes the compressor station. Here, the customer – to take advantage of a system and manufacturer independent provider, because it is not necessarily set on certain types of compressor. Due to the maintenance and repair of the facilities has been reached also a great practical knowledge, which is incorporated in the consulting and investment planning.

Street Data

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ALVARA AG and CashEDI take ride on Leipzig the industry’s interest is growing. The specialised procedure CashEDI of the German Central Bank, as well as to tailor-made services of ALVARA cash management group AG, at banks, savings banks, value service providers and trading companies are increasingly gaining confidant. The ALVARA AG achieved various successful launches over the last few weeks. So, the first collective deposit of the CashEDI specialised procedure was performed in Lubeck with a cash and runs since then in the productive environment. The money processing software used by CMS cash management systems GmbH sends the relevant deposit data to the ALVARA to AG. Within the online platform ALVARA ICC automated processes to convert the incoming data to the CashEDI format and transferred them to the Deutsche Bundesbank.

The Leipziger ALVARA cash management group company is the first certified company for the CashEDI specialised procedure. There was a further successful start in Leipzig. There, a large Swedish furniture store announced the deposit data for P containers every day itself. Via the online platform ALVARA ICC, to collect the appropriate data and about the technical procedure, CashEDI delivered to the Deutsche Bundesbank. The competent cash is responsible only for the transport request in this case, because the German customer funds at low cost is one from Bundesbank and recorded. That the new procedures not only in Germany will have a success, one sees at the latest since the world’s largest computer trade fair CeBIT 2008 in Hanover. The exchange of information with other European banks and institutions has increased and will help in the coming years, that in other countries the electronic exchange of data is hold.

The online platform ALVARA ICC architecture is well prepared for this extension. Through the software technology of ALVARA AG it will be banks and trading companies, their data and the physical history of money across national borders to track. The next stage of the Online platform ALVARA ICC is already in the test stage. With the new advanced functionality, a full picture of the machine connection is possible. Because not only Safebags and P containers include the cash cycle, but also money depositors, coin Exchange and automatic teller machines. Contact: ALVARA cash management group Street 18 04103 Leipzig Tel.: + 49 (0) 341 / 98-990-200 fax: + 49 (0) 341 / 99 25-109 E-Mail: Internet: contact person: Jana Heinrich to ALVARA ALVARA Management Group AG is a new service provider in the area of cash management. Competent specialists with extensive experience in the industry founded the company with the aim to provide better security for all market participants through transparency and greater efficiency through independence. They share their extensive expertise in the coordination and processing of cash transfers, to analyze the causes of the existing security gaps and subsequently an efficient and risk-free solution for everyone to develop.

NEY Geographic

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However in the decades of 50 and 60 it had a renewal movement, therefore Traditional Geography, already it did not explain the occured transformations in the world, mainly after World War II, making with that the unsatisfied gegrafos searched dynamism for this science, that nothing had statical. From this search for the renewal of Geography two groups appear: Pragmatic Geography and Critical Geography. Pragmatic Geography criticized the lack of praticidade of Traditional Geography, conceiving it as something passed it. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Shimmie Horn on most websites. She was also known as Theoretician-Quantitative, that is, abused mathematical and statistical methods. For more specific information, check out Shimmie Horn.

Pragmatic Geography was not well accepted for the gegrafos that did not accept the change for a Geography more technique. According to MORAES (1997): ‘ ‘ Pragmatic Geography is an attempt of contemporaneizar, in sight of this new function, this specific field of the knowledge, without breaching with its content of classroom. Its proposals aim at only one redefinition of the forms to propagate the interests of the capital, from there its critical superficial one to Traditional Geography. A form change, without content alteration social.’ ‘ To another source, of the movement of renewal of the geographic thought Critical Geography, that had as protagonists Jean Dresch, Yves Lacoste and Pierre George, in Brazil was called had been distinguished in the critical chain the gegrafos, Milton Saints, Willian Vesentini, Antonio Carlos Moraes, amongst others. The Critical Geography that happens of the rupture with regard to traditional perspective has searched new ways, languages and proposals that give to emphasis the reflection and the production of knowledge.

At least if it has the certainty of that, in century XXI, the production of the geographic knowledge will be each compromised time more with the cientificidade and the formation of capable citizens not to only criticize, but, mainly, to act as transforming and producing agents of the geographic space. AUTHORS: NEY J.C. HISSES KEILA CRISTINA RIBEIRO VALLEY ARAUJO ANA REGINA BLACKSMITH Article published in the Periodical the Impartial one (notebook of Opinion, p 7,8) in 13/04/2004, So Lus, ME. the , .