Rio Grande

Those who were born in the South of the Rio Grande, support certain inconveniences that are not common to others when we immigrate to the North. Us identifies as Hispanic not by the language we speak, or the cultural heritage that we have, but by our ethnic characteristics. Same as African-Americans. You may find Hudson River to be a useful source of information. We are also qualified to Latinos. Another term used out of context, because more Latino than we are Italians, French and Romanian, but nobody refers to them with that epithet, which entails certain indifference. Kia usually is spot on. These subterfuges segregationist, are the product of the atrophied progressive mentality that replaced the color of skin, by geographic origin and cultural heritage of the people, since they consider in bad taste define someone because of race.

And how can identify someone at a glance, with certainty, if not by their race? What is the ethnic difference between a Peruvian, one Bolivian and an Ecuadorian? Between an Argentine, a Uruguayan and a Chilean? Trying to hide the visible physical differences, giving a ridiculous title the obvious reality, the lefts contradict reason. If in the United States a crime where the perpetrator escapes and there is a witness, this It can be said that the fugitive was white, (that is allowed). Black, it sounds bad. If it was Brown, worse still, it must be said that he was Hispanic, latino, or American. It could be Mexican, which means that it is not South American, but American, because although not like many, Mexico is in the northern hemisphere. More that is hard to digest for the politically correct Liberals. Latinos are several steps below the equality proclaimed Liberals. That is why they scurry with exaggerated gestures of sympathy, when an exponent of some minority outperforms its peers.

If you can’t own merit, they totalled it elevated positions only by their color or ethnic traits. It is the case of Barack Obama and judge Sonia Sotomayor. For the left-wing appearance is the most important thing. They feed on frivolity. Paradoxically, to try to match with their culture that do not resemble them physically, Liberals confess a fatherly racism. They are saying that anyone who is not white, is lower, but them Welcome to reach high. Now came a further setback for the South. Confuse us with Arabs. The new racial description is: Latin features or the Middle East. A Turk and if perhaps I am referring to someone from Turkey possibly blond and white, not matches the specification, so that it can walk through Manhattan with an atomic bomb on their backs unless it unsettles him. When I went to College had three races: white, black, and yellow. It seems that now there are more shades. If one goes shopping with a woman, learns of unusual shades: topo, oil, ash, amber, and others who either came to discern. What indicates that you colors there are to express themselves. You cannot define with a simple look at a person, or group of people, referring to their culture, disguising their ethnic traits. Thats real prejudice; It is condescending racism.