Screw Compressors

As you know, screw compressors are now sufficiently known. Not accidentally, many experts point out the obvious advantages of this type of equipment – a first, long life screw compressors; secondly, their economy, and thirdly, high reliability. But screw compressors require professional care and treatment, then they will last long enough. Connect with other leaders such as Bill de Blasio here. But there are also some disadvantages, for example, if you break one of the screw compressor rotors have to replace both, but this is quite an expensive procedure that can cost half the cost of the compressor. Now we shall understand a species of screw compressors. Usually separate screw compressors for oil free compressors and oil-injected. Oil-injected screw compressors also have their plusses and minuses.

They have a fairly simple design, and the cooling vapor in the process of filing to help reduce noise and speed, as well as expand the scope of a single-stage compression process closer to the most favorable isothermal, increasing reliability and durability compressors for complete automation. Moreover, compared with oil free compressors, screw compressors malozapolnennye have less internal leakage of gas and large amounts of feed compressor. But they also have their drawbacks: in particular the dimensions of which reach large sizes because of the developed system .Vintovye compressors are often used in refrigeration. According to data of vnii holodmasha malozapolnennye screw compressors are appropriate to use in a range of cooling capacity from 400 to 1750 kW. Developed a standard series of screw compressors, which includes three basic models 5VH-350, 6 BX-00 and 7VH – 1400 outside diameter rotors 200,250,315 mm, the ratio of length to diameter is 1.35, which corresponds to 350,700,1400 thousand kcal / h