What is not noticed is that the cause and effect of these actions affect the Earth and Universe Karma, every action has a reaction, our world is sending waves of energy which, unfortunately, affect the rest of the universe, which cause a negative reaction to other planets and galaxies. We should feel ashamed of this and make a final decision to start changing now. We must recognize the times and change our point of view, to change our thinking and take forward the measures that affect our community and the planet using a superior, positive approach to everything we do regardless of the sacrifice we have to do to join with others. Become a great example of what conscience should be. Start creating a strong self-reliant community to survive the changes but more importantly start sending feelings of happiness and more positive to help the reactions that often occur due to karma to the universe.

This reaction can also affect the earth’s capacity to rebuild and restructure its DNA after it took millions of years to create what can survive in the next eon and remain a world where people can work on their consciences as well as being an example for other beings in the universe. Focus on increasing your awareness / energy slowly, integration and processing all the experiences of the highest benefit for himself, and take into account the effects on others. Time is another factor that is being affected and because of the disaster, the energy of the Earth has changed its axis and continue to degrade and therefore has changed.