Senor Morales

Karin: There is a title that was not placed on the CD? Maybe soon will be published in a new album? Uwe: Psssst! All still very secret. Danny Meyer shines more light on the discussion. How ever this term to the album fits: secret… Karin: How long do you still music? Uwe: So long it me my creator does. Music is something divine! Karin: Can we look forward now each year the autumn time in a new production by Uwe Gonau? Uwe: Yes! Necessarily. I’m working on it! Karin: You’re not only piano of CD’s. Your friend Michael Hoing writes lovely lyrics. How is your cooperation in General? Uwe: I know Michael Hoing for 40 years.

He is my best friend and not only a more profound and outstanding lyricist, but also a very sensitive musician. Text templates inspired by him again on the new! Karin: Where is the focus of your past albums? Uwe: the inclined audience itself to find out. Karin: Temple of the Sun will be produced in the Schweitzerhaus Publishing House, and I am sincerely pleased to be able to welcome you in our team. Your music will enrich our range. Uwe: Thank you very much. I look forward also to the cooperation with you and the team! Karin: I mean, that much on the album Temple of the Sun virtuoso piano pieces that are inviting to relax. A CD to the listen to again and again.

You want to tell something about yourself to our readers? Uwe: I feel that is capable of effective seismographic sound travel, the moods and special atmospheres cause production as a tell. At least, I hope that by “Temple of the Sun”. One should be for the circa 50minutige trip choose a quiet place, relax completely and indulge with closed eyes of the music. Karin: Thank you very much for the interview. Uwe: I thank you also. To talk with you about my new album I has prepared a lot of fun. Karin: One short question to conclude: you’re working on an audiobook? Uwe: Yes, was just finished and has the title: Senor Morales or where the road leads us. It will find their way into the bookstores before Christmas.