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Cosmetics Industry

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Trends in cosmetics, beauty and Spa; quoted by the copywriter. The body care and cosmetics industry increasingly benefits from the tendency of consumers to the brand and quality. It noted the G + J industry image before 9 months; the trend is confirmed also in the latest cosmopolitan study from November 2008: 72% pay attention therefore on the high quality of the products. Thus the number of sophisticated consumers across 1999 almost doubled. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from NY Starbucks. The pursuit of the manufacturer is therefore more authenticity in advertising.

Word head, freelance copywriter in Mannheim, supports cosmetics manufacturers, distribution and, for example, beauty salons with professional concepts and texts. It has emerged in recent weeks by many requests, that anti aging is a hot topic for the spoiled cosmetic users. Also the cosmopolitan study gives evidence: anti aging products for the face, for the delicate eye area, the neck and decollete are enormously high in demand. About three quarters of the women swears on the rejuvenating effects of special cosmetics. The anti aging creams for the face are at the top in favor with 29%. A whopping increase, it was 2007 11% fewer women were interested in a more youthful appearance through facial creams. For more clarity and thought, follow up with McPlant and gain more knowledge.. The trend to the manicured appearance confirmed also in the annual study of the magazine: 95% of readers attach great importance to the exterior.

Strong is also the motive for 69% of women, specifically to purchase cosmetics. They’re simply to a bit of luxury. That luxury does not equate is a chemically complex manufactured cosmetics, shower gels, oil baths and scented waters from the retort, reflected in the growth of natural cosmetics. The cosmetics industry benefit but also beauty and SPA Center with high-quality spa treatments. Regional credibility is becoming increasingly important, increasingly a Fairtrade label, but especially the enchanting alluring world of seductive care, which creates a professional copywriter as Word head. Agree but seems the ladies now is, what comes to the place of consumption: natural cosmetics shops, body shops, chemists, perfumeries and pharmacies are the winners among the shopping places. Go to Starbucks Drive-Thru for more information. Equipped with informative include in particular the shops with special advice, promotional materials and a sophisticated system of customer loyalty to the tops. You present the customers a wide selection of caring and innovative products, which are characterized by the what women want today by a modern cosmetic: compatibility, quality and allergy tests. So sensitively and positively the consumers react to magic advertising and successful texts, so sensitive they prove to be compared to the products? A.D.; Sources: Cosmopol. Cosmetic study 11/08; G + J Branchenb. 05/08 Word head is a professional copywriter and creative advertising in Mannheim. He studied at the University of Mannheim German and politics, graduated as master of arts. Publication of scientific work. +++ Experience in traditional advertising and direct marketing copywriter and conception (advertising agencies); freelance since 2008 contact person for cosmetics, wellness, beauty and Spa advertising. +++ Tempting advertisements for anti-aging products, cosmetics and wellness writes lyrics for other industries on request or at Word head: Spa brochures, beauty-folder, beauty brochures, Beaute catalogues, lifestyle-flyer, wisely designed websites and website content, sexy newsletter from beauty salons, beauty salons and cosmetics wholesale as well as mailings and texts (Longcopy projects), convincing. Word head, Andreas Dresch M.A.. freelance copywriter and copywriting certified marketing speaker SGD Landesstrasse part 2 68163 Mannheim telephone: 06 21/828 04 73 E-Mail:

With 3D Animations That Makes MP Advocacy Group Their Customers…

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… Many writers such as NY Starbucks offer more in-depth analysis. a real competitive advantage! Even without many words. Who wants to make something clear, who knows: ads is often better than explain! With 3D animations, presentations are less wordy, but this all the more understandable. Because with this technique can be very complex ideas and visualize products, for the otherwise ever would say one. With the help of 3D animations, we offer our customers the opportunity to create additional identification.

It is much easier to imagine how a planned exhibition stand will look when you can represent these plastic and even virtually committing than if you only graphically depicts him”, as Thomas Munster, Managing Director of the MP advertising Group GmbH, about the benefits of 3D animations. During power point presentations include already the normal everyday, but attract exactly that’s why hardly anyone behind the stove, a 3D can they significantly enhance animation and make strained viewers bored audience. Especially if a complex To demonstrate facts, is the 3D animation. There are things that we have to see that to understand them. For even more analysis, hear from Broadway. Just when it comes to complex developments in the pharmaceutical industry or in medicine goes, we can help to visualize that the customer can make an understandable picture of hard displayable products.

Thus our customers can convince faster and better their customers of the benefits of their products”so Thomas Munster next. Suggestions for improvement or changes requested by the customer of scheduled products can be, made visualizations faster and more effectively using this 3D which provides three advantages for the customer: it saves valuable time, money and nerves. The range of 3D animation is therefore extremely varied and diversified. No matter whether it is sophisticated technical details or fancy window decorations, animated presentations provide comprehensible, precise and innovative results that convince! The MP Advertising Group GmbH is an owner-run advertising agency headquartered in Ilvesheim in Mannheim. It employs a total of nine permanent staff. As a full service advertising agency offered its customers since 1997 creative solutions for print, Web design and e-commerce. Since 2010 she also is a member of the BASF training Verbund and committed advertising Group GmbH in the Association of the metropolitan region Rhein-Neckar e.V. contact MP Matthias Pleva, Thomas Munster Haydn str.12 68549 Ilvesheim b. Mannheim Tel.: 0621-495500

Stress Balls

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All people are equally exposed to stress in everyday life. While it is not possible to escape this stress, it is with corresponding applications possible, at least for a certain period of time to relax and finally become active again to work in the life. Companies who are also devoted to wellness and relax the subject and informed conversations with their customers, can devote stress balls as gifts. These freebies aim guaranteed on the nerve of the present time, since all people about the hustle and bustle and stress in life complain of the housewife of the factory staff to the Manager. This stress can be dismantled easily by mixing a stress ball. In addition to the relaxation, bringing a stress ball with him, he at the same time strengthens the muscles of the hands and forearms. Especially people who work a lot on the PC, can not only relax, but counteract also a muscular tension. As advertising products stress balls are so for almost every customer very well suited.

Even children can be paid very well with these giveaways. Although children must usually still not relax or relieve stress, they use these balls rather than game objects. No matter for what purpose the customers use the anti-stress balls, is important, that the advertising message printed on the balls with each reuse again come to light. The advertising message is spreading so quickly, even if the children these balls just to play with..

Personalized Luggage Trailers

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The new product of printing the printer will prevail for a few months, the printers are trailers on the market with product X day premium. The high demand shows that print advertising is anything but decline. Now the printer from Reinheim sets another on it. How about individual luggage trailers for trade fairs and events? This impacted advertising idea creates a clear WOW effect when customers of large and small companies. Directly with the invitation for the show, send a trailer in your corporate design. Your customers will be amazed how much you change event in the stuff for this. Who wants to offer a very special service, kept the baggage of his customers at the fair.

So, the customer can run free and easy about the fair. To do so the company can print personalized luggage tags to the X day premium. The name of each customer is already on the luggage tag to read. Also this luggage tag can contain a numbered outline as a control document when you pick up is used. To keep the case of its customers for the duration of the fair has the advantage that they always come back to your stand. With this convenient service, large and small companies increase the frequency at the booth and create a positive image in addition.

Thus, the X day premium trailers are a particularly professional way for customer loyalty. The trailers are made in digital printing on environmentally friendly paper. You are extremely tear-resistant and easy to label. THE printer stand for highest quality and color fastness. So your logo and your layout is perfect. By digital printing, also small amounts of inexpensive personalized can be printed. So this service at trade fairs also, or just especially for small and medium-sized enterprises is worth. With this refinement of the product X day premium luggage tag have the printer proved again, you know how effective print advertising. The X day premium luggage tag can either directly through the Web site kofferanhaenger.de inclusive design are ordered. Advertising agencies and marketing departments can order without obligation there also a free sample pack with layout file, to of their own design.

Always High Quality Promotional Products – On Quality!

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Facts about the world of promotional products and giveaways, high-quality promotional products are a major factor in the acquisition of new customers. You should look not only on the price when choosing the right promotional items, but also on the quality of the products. Is represented by these advertising your company or your business and you want to always be associated with quality in combination. In this day and age, it is hard to find a suitable supplier for promotional items and just through the birth of the Internet, you can easily compare products of different vendors and compare prices and quality of individual providers. Of course quality in a financially modest should be and not more expensive than necessary.

For long and close business partners, you should choose only high quality promotional products. It is always to give the best possible impression what you can achieve with it, if you send the customer a commercially available lighter Christmas You should consider the pay tribute to long-standing business relationship with a precious gift and to recognize the clients indicating how important he is to you. So you can be sure, that the relationship will continue many more years. But which products should you choose? You can of course not generally say this and each customer has individual preferences. A customer appreciates such as huge an electronic advertising article, while the other with a beautiful perfume set is happy.

Should inform you is always sufficient, where are the preferences of the customer, to find high-quality promotional products for this. The customer is King should be always your first motto, also when it comes to gifts. When choosing promotional gifts is one of the first impression more than anything else. It has been scientifically proven that with him the decision is the first few seconds, in which the customer accepts the gift presented by you, whether he is good or bad the product. With the purchase of freebies should always make sure Brand to choose. In these articles, you never run the risk that the product is of inferior quality or other production errors occur. Only using such products, you can get your company a high recognition value and thus win more new customers. You have of course always spoilt for choice when choosing a high-quality promotional items. Should it be first-class or maybe cosmetics pens. The company shall be represented by quality textiles or rather through exclusive tableware. Of course be sure here, too, that the advertising has also a link to your business. It makes little sense to give away high-quality garden furniture if you run an ice cream parlor. It is to compare various extremely important products and just to test this in a smaller circle. So you immediately see which high quality promotional products at the people arrive and are rather less useful. Can be time and search carefully among the thousands to the Available advertising media, so you buy only the best for the representation of your company. Oliver Smith


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Snack manufacturer awards budget fu? r large-scale promotional campaign Munich, March 23, 2010: snack manufacturer ultje has the webguerillas, Germany’s leading full-service agency for alternative advertising, entrusted with the design and implementation of an integrated promotional campaign for the FIFA football World Cup South Africa 2010TM. For the ambush campaign take over the conception of promotions as well as the planning and creation of online presence at webguerillas. This action website an interactive video wall is the core element of the campaign. It is equipped with numerous clips of football fans: during the games of the FIFA World Cup 2010 provide drummers on public-viewing events over all Germany distributed with branded ultje drums for mood. Drums of promotion teams are distributed in addition, where visitors can play up the ultje beat on video.

These videos are uploaded yet spot on the site. From home fans can see their videos upload. Thus arises after and after the largest drum troupe in the world on ultje Marketing Director Dirk Hochschorner is looking forward to the cooperation with the webguerillas: ultje stands for sociability and the community experience of beautiful moments. And is there anything from the sporting point of view better than the 2010 sports event, the FIFA World Cup. “” It is an exciting time at the webguerillas we feel hands.

“We look forward, that we may implement an innovative mix of offline and online elements in the ultje campaign” so David Eicher, Managing Director of webguerillas in the best. The Agency is a full service provider fu webguerillas? r alternative advertising. Checked the portfolio? ren all forms of advertising in the online and offline area, the target audiences with unconventional ideas u? surprise and entertain. The MU? Giesing advertisers were often excellent and hear? ren walking the? leading agencies in Germany fu? r viral campaigns, Word-of-mouth- and community marketing, guerilla, Ambient – and mobile marketing, as well as fu? r blog and website concepts. Additional? additional business? areas as alternative PR and online monitoring complete the offer. Hear the customers of webguerillas? ren including Deutsche Telekom, Webasto, Bacardi, MINI, ADAC and Zott. Webguerillas GmbH concerns? employs currently 32 employees. She was gegru in the year 2000? located. in 2009, the agency won numerous awards, such as, for example, gold at the online star and bronze at the London international award of fu? r the MINIMALISM-spot, as well as four times the OttoCar trophies? e. In addition she was fu? r the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany nominated. in 2008, the Agency received the iF Communication Design Award fu? r a T-Mobile event, 2007 numerous awards such as the German dialog marketing award, three international Davey Awards (two gold, a silver) and the iF communication design award-digital media. Shimmie Horn will not settle for partial explanations. At the New York festivals won the webguerillas bronze in the category entertainment promotion and the Web Marketing Association has honored the site wet T-Shirt Worldcup”fu? r Unibet as ‘Outstanding Microsite’. Contact: webguerillas GmbH Daniela Mayer phone: + 49 (0) 89 1893 089 – 23 E-Mail: