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Palanok Castle

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City Mukachevo (Map plan Mukachevo) has a long and glorious history. This is one of the most interesting pages in Transcarpathia. 1108 years have passed since the first written mention of the city. Mukachevo founded at the crossroads historically formed trade routes in the XIV century it was granted city status. The main attraction of the town is beautifully preserved and maintained in order Palanok castle (XIV-XVII centuries). The name of the castle comes from one of its fortifications.

In the ancient castle hill surrounded by a water moat, over the inner shore of which rose a palisade of sharpened logs – palankas. In 1633 the former residence of passed into the possession of princes Rakoczy. This is where the ideologue of the Hungarian independence, Ferenc II Rakoczi in the XVIII century. led a revolt against the Austrian emperor. His "city apartment" Ferenc II arranged in the center. Palace "White House" (XV-XVIII centuries) are easy to find in the tourist district.

His masters were the last column Schoenborn. This respected German race has left a noticeable imprint on the history of the region. For two centuries, until the arrival of Soviet power, he owned vast lands and palaces and major industrial enterprises. In particular, Count Friedrich Schonborn lifted and made famous in the whole of Europe Mukachevskiy brewery Podgoryanah. Pearl legacy Shenborn located in the mountains above the village Chinadievo that close to Mukachevo. This picturesque area they have chosen for his country residence. Sometime in the lush surrounding forests organized hunting, which attracts know with all the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and now live here visit the sanatorium "Carpathians". Inside the building, which has become one of the dormitories have been partially preserved the rich interiors. In the middle of the park – man-made lake. A small lawn in shade of oaks, it seems specifically designed to roll about on them in the autumn sun. Near the town of Mukachevo, Mount Red Hill is the northernmost area in the world where they grow tea. And by the way, the origin of the name the city Mukachevo: from the word 'flour' (as people suffered in the construction of the castle 'Palanok') from the word 'flour' (on the river Latoritsa was a huge mill at the time), the words' earth Munkacsy Pan "(Hungarian version of this title the city).

Exciting Activities In Indonesia

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Extend your summer and take an exciting tour to Indonesia! This country is so unusual that briefly about her culture, we can say 'unity in diversity'. All Indonesia – an archipelago of 13,000 islands, of which the unmanned more than manned. Different religions – Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Confucianism – mixed so that sometimes it is difficult to find any differences. Technical perfection is replaced by mega-cities of primitive way of life, should only leave the big city in the province. From September to May, mild tropical climate of Indonesia provides excellent conditions for all types of holiday – beach, active, and a combined tour.

Most popular resort of Indonesia – Bali Island. Holidays in Bali – a great beach resort of Nusa Dua, Kuta, Jimbaran and Sanur, familiarity with the original culture toradzhey, excursions to the temple of Besakih Mother at the foot of sacred Mount Agung, fascinating shopping center in Ubud crafts and plenty of entertainment in the capital of Bali – Denpasar. Unique churches, including the world's only temple inside the huge banyan tree, an ancient architecture Tanzhungpinanga, excellent golf courses, SPA-centers and beautiful beaches in Nirvana Gardens and Tanjung Said waiting for tourists on the island of Bintan. Fans of maritime adventure, water sports and diving will appreciate the holiday on the island of Lombok. K Island attractions include the ancient village of a primitive tribe Sasaki. Senggigi beaches are ideal for a quiet relaxing holiday, and the place of diving in the waters of the islands of Gili open all diversity of marine flora and fauna. Perhaps the most famous and colorful attraction of the island of Java are two grand temple complex – a Buddhist Borobudur and Hindu Prambanan.

Countless sculptures, adorn the walls of these structures as a whole, represent a picture-story about the first days of creation. Even in Java you can try to rare species of medicinal tobacco, which the Javanese themselves successfully treat pulmonary diseases. 'Earth dragon' – the so-called tourists tiny island of Komodo, the only place on the planet inhabited by direct descendants of prehistoric dinosaurs. The island of New Guinea – a fascinating tour of the route of Marco Polo. Agency 'Travel! " not accidentally stay in Indonesia recommends this fall: during this period 'the country of a thousand islands and dazzling smiles' appears before the tourists in all its glory!

Central Executive Committee

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Shortly after the civil war in the position have been important changes Rossosh. Central Executive Committee of the RSFSR January 4, 1923 a special resolution defined the new administrative boundaries of districts of Voronezh province. Were Alexis and eliminated Korotoyaksky counties, and formed a new Rossoshanskij County. In this regard, Rossosh was converted from the village to the city and county center. Rossosh county town remained until the spring of 1928.

March 22 Bureau of the Central Executive Committee adopted a decree on the organization of the Central Black Earth region in the former Voronezh, Kursk, Orel and Tambov regions. And now Rossosh – the center of one of the 11 districts. On November 1, in first published the newspaper "Voice of the poor." In Rossoshanskij District began the process of Ukrainization. The official language of institutions, training schools, newspaper and all current information translated into Ukrainian. But for a quick transition into the Ukrainian language in the district had neither the means nor the experts. From 1926 to 1932 in the city were opened the factory – the factory seven-year, a school for peasant youth, agropedtehnikum, Medical School, and ptitsetehnikum ptitseinstitut. In 1928, the regional hospital is built, and a year later, construction of health clinics. In 1930, construction began on a large Rossosh poultry.

Another major urban construction project at this time was brickyard. In 1937, in the vicinity of Rossosh open base in horticulture science – Research Institute of the IV Michurin. Subsequently, the base was converted into Rossoshanskij fruit – berry trial station. On the morning of July 7, 1942 the city entered the German tanks. Six months and nine days, held sway in Rossosh occupants. In early September, 294 th German Infantry Division, take up defensive positions along the right bank of the Don north of New Kalitva, changed the division of the Italian Alpine Corps, whose headquarters is located in Rossosh. Finally, the city was liberated Rossosh January 16, 1943. Rossosh – the town where I studied, worked and started to create a poet AT Prasolov, MP Writer Shevchenko, members of the Union of Artists, BA Goncharov and BB Ponomarenko, a school teacher – artist VG Zimbalist. Important role in establishing the latter played the oldest Rossoshanskij artist, a graduate of the All-Russian FP Bass. Of the city's architectural monuments of note printing plant building, Alexander Nevsky tower, built in 1876, the project architect Burenina Moscow. Since 1988, steel Rossosh actively visited by foreign tourists, especially from Italy. They brought here the memories of the tragic days of the last war, during which the fascist government of Italy has sent to Russia of its soldiers to certain death. In a result of visits have strengthened the friendly relations and rossoshantsev veterans – Alpines. National Association of Alpine shooters in the means of their veteran free built in Rossosh kindergarten in memory of Russian and Italian guys who have laid down their lives on the battlefield.