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Mind And Body Transformation

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Enhancement of teacher and student in his integrity, and the possibility of establishing constructive learning environments, created aiming to school and education in the pursuit of this new paradigm: the embodiment. To understand the learning process is to deepen in the theoretical-epistemological theory stressing historical and cultural embodiment. New York Museums spoke with conviction. The current reality motivates the development of pedagogical practice centered on the student body-subject of education. This implies an instructional that engages the teacher in a critical-reflexive. For possible re-routing teaching in the search for Embodiment in the design theme of the teachers, body and mind should be understood as components integrate a single organism.

Both should be based on the school, not a mind to learn and a body to transform, but both should be emancipated. Because of this conception that the school should only mobilize the mind, body is reduced to a nuisance, which is the more quiet, less confused. (Freire, 1997). The current crisis has deep roots in the annihilation of the subjects destroyed by a scientific paradigm that divided them available to the ultimate consequences. The Cartesian paradigm that appeared in a currency is to define the paradigm of separation. All are condemned to separation, body, soul and emotion, subject and object, human beings and human nature , interior and exterior, self and other, so on. Modern science systematization consolidated by Descartes and Newton scientific research recharge subjectively, emotion and desire were impediments knowledge.

Thus, the human self was lost and was condense a terrible loneliness. In this break, the very ethical separated from religion and the construction process of being human. The universe was disappointing and stripping of features significant that give meaning to life as a whole. Paradigm of simplicity spent the paradigm of complexity. Everything is built in a historical process of interaction. We need to break the relationship of schizophrenia that we have with nature and talk to it. With this, we love the universe again disappointed by the old paradigm of division between human beings and nature. But the revolution does not stop there, in the twentieth century some scientists begin to distrust even more of the Cartesian division imposed. Biologists had a very important contribution in changing the paradigm because they claimed the idea that living organisms are integrated systems. With this, stressed the idea that everything is much more than the sum of its parts. There is, therefore, something else that needs to be searching for us to understand life and the cosmos. And this something else, for these scientists, is not material but are a patterns of relationship. They discover that everything depends on the interactions and that prove to be emergent properties that depend on them. Then come to a revolutionary conclusion: the pattern of all that is alive or not, is a network, all linked to everything. In the course of these findings, research in recent decades in biology.