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The Confessional As Inspiration

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It is certainly strange to imagine that the confessional serve as an information source to introduce a double morality and ethics on the family. It is not hard to imagine what a priest hears in a confessional: a husband admits to having cheated his wife with another woman, then tells the wife who fights with her husband, that is the confessional become a receptacle and marital sins their conditions, but little about a marriage alive, healthy and happy, which should be the one, based on their positive experiences, give an example of married life ahead. Does the confessional therefore an adequate source of inspiration for that theologians develop their ethics? But the question on this theme that is heard on the street is: What can you say a priest in a confessional for a man burdened because he has done something wrong, who probably do not know how to solve the problems in your marriage? What will take home this poor man or poor woman? It is true that some of the controversy revolves around whether the clergy can to marriage counseling or not, when viewed from a critical perspective, it would be comparable to like a doctor had only read about diseases but never have treated a patient. Yes we put the example of a married man for 40 years, who has raised two or three children and knows the experiences and daily struggles in relationships and as parents, recognize that this is not taught in any school, nor in any book child education. Every child is unique and his wife have lived hundreds of different situations from which to learn. How can the priests who do not know these problems the least daring to assist in this difficult matter? At best such guidelines could give the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount, saying the person who speaks to them: come home and see if what you are doing is consistent with the Sermon on the Mount.

But should not at all to perform a marriage counseling. No wonder that the double moral of the Catholic Church has long been somewhat stifling, if one considers only the ban on the pill and the condom, or all the precepts that even came into the bedroom of the couple. The Church helplessness in a case that is expressed among other things, in which one flees to general considerations. Recently we have seen again in an unintelligible statement by the Pope, who in all seriousness said the following about the relationship between man and woman: “The male-female relationship, with its uniqueness, reciprocity and complementarity, it is undoubtedly a main point of the anthropological question that contemporary culture is so critical. ” Once again the church is showing that the farther away is an issue, the more meaningless phrases and words used, with this just try to hide a profound ignorance of it.