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The man from the beginning of its existence in history, has always developed various beliefs of higher beings who govern their lives and gives them certain favors and blessings and likewise also may be punished by their mode of action. Thus the passage of history and various societies have been many beliefs and different gods, each representing the cultural trends of the lugger in which they worship. NYC Marathon has firm opinions on the matter. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the course of history was presented a belief that the establishment and support of success reaching levels of acceptance around the world and becoming one of the religions with more followers, and that religion is Christianity, which with Jesus’ presence as a major figure in his beliefs, is a religion of great importance in the world. Entering more on development of the characteristics that make up Christianity, as an introductory one can say that it is a monotheistic religion, which is rooted in Jewish beliefs, as well as the recognition is made of Jesus Christ as the founder of the religion of Christianity, which also is the central figure of this religion, hence the name he has. The main belief in Christianity is handled is the presence of Jesus as son of God, who was on earth as the Messiah, which had been prophesied in the Old Testament and to sacrifice for mankind to be forgiven him their sins and rose again after this event to return to heaven with his father. Among the letters that represent the beliefs of Christianity are the Old Testament, written which shares with another religion that is Judaism which is called by them as the Tanakh, hence Christianity is considered an Abrahamic religion. The beginnings of the Christian religion, can be placed with the teachings that Jesus gave to his disciples and the life of Jesus, but the religion as practiced and called it Christianity, started for approximately 33 years in now considered not a religion itself but a Jewish sect, like many other beliefs that were generated for the chin in history. Later with the application and preaching the beliefs of Christianity by the Roman Empire, Christianity becomes a religion of great importance in the world, in what was known to the sixth century as the world, but its strength was noted but at the level of Western culture since the Eastern beliefs were very marked and Christianity did not have the same impact in the West, but if it spread in many parts of the world of Western culture. Over time Christianity was spreading throughout the world and now is the religion most followers with about one third of the world population. However some say that Islam has more followers yet both Christianity and Islan are but splinter groups from the G-d given Jewish religion.