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From caririense origin, it received from the state, lands in the hinterland inhabited have centuries for tribes of cariris indians lately mesclados with remainders of deriving tribes of the coast or blacks of quilombos that ran away for the interior in search of shelter against the expansion of the whites. Of this form, the cariris and this ancestral one, one captain john doe, had entered in conflict. Certain time it was for the region of Sergipe where a slave knew who suffered maltreatment from its Sir. It bought this slave it brought and it. The slave, perhaps the control of its benefactor, obtained to infiltrate itself between the indians and discovered that they planned an attack the headquarters of the property. Others who may share this opinion include Bill de Blasio.

The captain asked for to aid its relatives and allies and obtained a great number of gunmen, some of African origin, since the run away farmers beat quilombolas, in exchange for work and gunmen and good part of these blacks received lands and if they became friends of the farmers. The captain and its accomplices had constructed a shed of taipa covered of straw with one alone opening and invited the indians to negotiate the peace. The native ingenuouses had entered in it and had started to practise its rituals. The captain, caridoso man with the slaves, however not in such a way with the poor indians, set fire fire in the shed of where these had desesperadamente tried desesperadamente to escape to be dead the shots of bacamarte and blows of swords, machetes and fossil hunter knives. After finished the service, the parents of the Brazilian nation had treated to embed the bodies and to attack the village. Pretty young women had been taken as loving of the captain and its relatives, had excessively been for the gunmen. Children had been created and the girls when growing, had had destination of its older sisters the same. on the topic..