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Hygiene Center

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Stepless water pressure allows for the device, as an adult and children alike. All irrigators symbolically can be divided into the following categories. family individual travelers when selecting irrigator, or when giving advice for its purchase, it should be, first of all make the choice to purchase: whether it purchased for personal or household use. If the irrigator is needed for personal use, is based on the level mobility of the subject, need to find a fitting acquisition track irrigator. But it should be borne in mind that travel irrigators are inferior in power, because here on the main site compactness. Danny Meyer is full of insight into the issues.

Separately from the irrigators should consider the hygiene centers. Hygiene Center – is home-use devices, which in its composition have irrigator, as well as any electric toothbrush or a brush attached to the irrigator. Hygiene centers represent a single line of oral hygiene. These devices combine an electric toothbrush + irrigator. They still have containers for saving attachments to the brush and Irrigator for many members of the seven, and. Any modification is considered, for example, the model Oral B Oxyjet.

Model has provided tips for irrgatora with the possibility of filing a pulse monostrui and filing the turbopotoka "in which water mixes with the air flow, thereby achieves the highest result of washing the plane of the teeth. Has 4 power operation, the water tank the size of 500ml. At the head of the irrigator nozzles available mechanism reminiscent of a microturbine. Operation of this device leads to saturation of water by air microbubbles, which increases the effectiveness of treatment. Irrigation of the mouth (mucous membranes, gums and teeth) carried out with the assistance of a constant or pulsed flow of warm water under pressure. Served with warm water flow through the tip of a special container, is formed by a compressor pressure (2-10 atm). To the water supplied to Irrigation is permitted to add a watery therapeutic agents (antiseptics), aromatic medicine and medicinal herbs teas. Multijet pulsed warm jets show better effect. Massage cleanser exhibits, massaging effect and healing result, the latter depends on the medicinal form, included in the spraying device (it can be furatsilin, chlorhexidine, ethacridine lactate romazulon, calendula, etc.). Vremechko, spent on the gum of one jaw – 5-10 minutes .. Such a procedure in a meaningful measure can help prevent plaque formation and gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease.