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The first stage – preparatory work. Workers will begin with the demolition of the walls and dismantling ties. After laying the electrical cables, will begin installation of interior partitions and plastering walls and ceilings. Then the work begins preparation screed with reinforcement and sound insulation. After the end of work on the layout of water and sewer pipes, the workers will be engaged in the installation of filters and automatic pressure Autonomous water supply system. Credit: The Great Depression-2011. If the project foresees the offset riser hot and cold water, for it will take before you start laying tile. Complete the preparatory phase of the installation metal entrance door. At this stage, usually released 2.5 months.

Intermediate stage of repair facilities includes mounting ceiling, along with which set the glasses-and Escutcheon distribution box. n. After laying the cables, walls and ceilings are glued reinforcing mesh. By installing window sills, the workers begin to putty walls and ceilings, and cover them with paint. Followed by the laying of ceramic tiles and device decorative niches. Intermediate stage lasts about one and a half months. Finishing works starting at the final stage eurorepair apartment. Workers begin to laying the deck boards, laminates, parquet, then grind them.

If necessary, fit cork finish. After finishing painting the walls and ceilings are glued wallpaper and baseboards are installed. At the same time there are works by installing doors, architraves, locks, sockets, switches and fixtures. Then begins the installation of plumbing, then you can do installation of accessories and decorative items. Completes the repair of the assembly and installation of built-in cabinets. On the final stage of play for two months. Coordinated work of a group of qualified professionals who will renovated and provide you with a complete set of works will take about six months, after which the dwelling will one image, for whom everything was started. Signing the contract with the construction company, you can be confident that repairs will be performed in a timely, that is the main components of any decorating.