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Rain Water Quality

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The water is basic resource to the life, indispensable resource in the agriculture of familiar base, of average and wide it scales, and in almost all the productive processes. Suppliments of water demand are a continuous concern of the humanity, which had to the increasing population increase, the uncertainties of the climatic factors and the increasing hdrica pollution. In a devoid water region, the knowledge of the hidrolgicos processes is basic for the permanence and survival of the man in the field. With the increase of the population throughout the years, the gamma of uses of the water grew together with the relative restrictions to its quality. The uses of the water had evolved throughout the time, having involved the feeding and personal hygiene, agriculture, navigation, industrial production, cooling of thermoelectrial and nuclear plants and recreativas activities. The antrpicas actions have modified the climate in the most diverse regions of the world and many times the necessary conditions to maintenance of the life human being has been harmed. The awareness of the importance of the hdricos resources in the quality of life of the population comes originating increasing demands of information for the elaboration of projects, mainly in small hidrogrficas basins. The projects in these basins have attracted to the attention of researchers and borrowers of decision, since the data collected in these regions are valuable sources of information that could be used in bigger basins. The great variability of the hdrica availability, secular as in such a way space, standes out the necessity of permanent quantification of liquid discharges aiming at to the forecast of future outflows and the amounts of sediments produced for a rain event. The water availability in amount and quality for the diverse uses, in special the water for human supplying, is a concern of the humanity and the subject has been debated in diverse regions, mainly the half-barren ones.

State Astronomical Institute

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… Now is the same science that is "killed" God restores faith in Him. NYC Mayor understands that this is vital information. Physicists have stumbled on signs that the cosmos is designed specifically for life and consciousness. Steven Weinberg, Nobel Laureate Trying to explain the physics of the universe without the appearance of any Higher Powers, scientists in the mid-twentieth century created a theory that it was the result of so-called Big Bang of the singular (singular) point. The size of this point can be, having become acquainted with the statement of a senior researcher of the State Astronomical Institute. NY museums spoke with conviction. Sternberg, V. Surdin, "The early universe was so small that even atom of the proton in comparison with it would seem the Moon.

" A point from which it came, was even less. And in this krohotule, at this point, concentrated all the material of the future of the Universe (the Subtle World, and physical). What was there before Big Bang and why it happened, this theory is silent. True, Corresponding Member of RAS, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences I. Tkachev openly admits: "What was in the beginning, of course, we do not know. It could be some quantum fluctuation and something else. But most likely it was something small in the spatial dimension, and it contained very little power. " Becomes interesting from what, in this case, and at the expense of what energy there was our universe, which still continues to expand with the speed of light and matter (this "something small") continues to scatter in all directions.

Technique Manufacture

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The cycle of life of the products comes being studied in amplagama of organizacionais contexts, influencing, thus, the relations comerciaisentre exporting countries and import, having as concerns – of carterambiental – aspects that go since the productive process and its products, until I dare and its posterior discarding. This Technique also is> known as analise' ' of the cradle to tumulo' '. Today the organizations already had started to perceive the ACV as umaforte competitiveness tool and a differential for the detomadas processes of decisions, in the election of ambient pointers in projects and aid to aidentificar chances of improvements of the ambient aspects. In such a way, through the valuation and evaluation proposal pelametodologia of Evaluation of the Cycle of Life, it is possible to identify if one better produtotem ambient performance that another one, if an alteration in the product to still podegerar a great ambient impact or, which process of manufacture trazmaiores advantages to the end item. EVALUATION OF the LIFE CYCLE All the process of manufacture of some product produces algumimpacto ambient, due to the consumption of energy and necessary resources atmesmo of gases residue and, the emission generation effluent in general.

Esseimpacto can occur during the extration of used raw materials noprocesso of manufacture of the product, in ACV. The analysis of life cycle is one technique for evaluation dosaspectos ambient and of the potential impacts associates to a product, understanding stages that go since the withdrawal of the nature of the substances elementary cousins who enter in the productive system, disposio of the end item. The ACV if presents as an important tool to parasubsidiar the stages of the development of the product, the management of the production, ops-use, the logistic conventional and reversa, among others, from compilaode information and of the evaluations Techniques So that if it gives beginning to an Evaluation of Cycle of Life, elaborates umfluxograma of the process, specifying all the flows of materiale energy and enters and leaves the system.

Technological Research

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After the Termfila Phase, and decomposition of the material, the temperature starts to diminish gradual. Being a biological process of decomposition, the water presence and air are indispensable to the organisms. Although it has cases where the compostagem if of anaerbica form (without air), however in this in case that the complete stabilization does not occur. Rudy Giuliani wanted to know more. It can be made in lame person, boxes, apparatus digestores, at last, the utensils for its manipulation does not demand sophistication nor too much expenses. However, she fits to detach here that of the diverse forms of compostagem, however the one that presents greater quality in relation to ground is the known compostagem as vermicompostagem, that is the decomposition of composites through the use of earthworms. The earthworms consume organic substance quickly it breaks up and it in small particles that when passing for its digestive system are enriched biological. Soon, in the dejections expelled for the earthworm, important nutrients are set free and these are well assimilable for the plants.

This system is very used in programs of management of the garbage in the schools of Canada, United States and Austrlia.Diante of the benefits of the compostagem and mainly of the vermicompostagem, sees that this is a economically viable alternative and that it can and it must start to be worked. It is standed out that almost all the biodegradvel residue, happened of agriculture, industry, the domestic garbage, the sewer, can be used in the vermicompostagem. Soon, it more does not advance to be in quarrels concerning the question of the garbage and in the brainstorming that never will leave projects, it is had that it starts to act and one of the alternatives to solve problematic the relative one to the garbage, is compostagem.

Chronic Hunger

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Although entertainer, this number still is unacceptably high and is very far from the Objectives of Development of the Millenium to diminish the hunger for the half up to 2015. Women and children represent the biggest ratio of people suffering from chronic hunger. The high prices of foods the low income places poor families with bigger risk not to obtain to receive feeding adjusted for gestantes, babies and children. In fact, more than one tero of infantile mortality in the world is related to the inadequate nutrition. Something between 25% and 50% of harvest of the countries poor ruins or is contaminated by fungos plagues or, before arriving at the tables. In the year of 1976 then the 4 billion inhabitants consumed resources that the nature obtained to restitute, which is, the planet was in its break-even point.

This situation moved and currently 50% are consumed more than the telluric spare capacity and for 2030 a consumption 100% is projected superior. This reliable accomodation loan made by the nature the human beings will cost expensive if it will not be corrected, with reflected right-handers in the deterioration of the quality of life of the species. To turn itself to the break-even point it must be reduced the natural consumption of resources and services in 33%, but as to explain to the Africans and Asians who not they can have the standard of living of the first world? Sustainable agriculture is appearing as a solution to mitigate climatic changes, to reduce problems of public health and costs, to become the cities most inhabitable and to generate empregosem estagnadas economies. More promising and possible future Emum, poor countries that currently have food scarcity could pass if to feed and to generate excesses to help other countries. The food production is inserted in the nature and is agent of its resetting. The agricultural activity almost always blossoms for the deforestation of forests.

Ammonium Chloride

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It is very good when we buy a new toy, we introduce the stack in it and it starts to function Until one hour, it stops. what we must make with the stacks that already are ' ' gastas' '? The stacks, although small, when discarded inadequately they represent a great risk to the environment. In the interior of the stacks substances are contained that if in contact with the ground, can become it infertile, and if in contact with the water it can become it improper for consumption. In the nature, annually, they are discarded millions of stacks, stacks these that contain harmful substances to the nature as: Manganese mercury, Cadmium, Nickel, Dioxide, Ammonium Chloride, Have covered and Lead. These substances come causing serious ambient impacts, as, for example, pollution of freticos sheets, damage to the ground and damage the surrounding fauna and the flora, still superficially, we run the risk of these substances to enter indirectly in our feeding through irrigation systems that remove the freticos sheet water, them if accumulate in our body, cause illnesses and other damages. But, later that the stack finishes What he is correct to make with them? Most correct, however still little spread out in Brazil, it is that these are taken to the ranks of collection of stacks for recycling. Some companies already make this as, for example, the Real Bank, that gives to the project ' ' Pope; '.

He is enough to take its used stacks for an agency that contains one ' ' Pope-pilha' ' (a cylindrical structure with a space so that the stacks are deposited). As this project exists others in Brazil, to help the environment is enough then our disposal in taking the stacks until collection ranks or ranks of recycling. The stacks after recycled if transform into diverse materials, as: Ground inks, ceramics, punishments and etc. It looks the rank of collection next to its house, divulges the information for its friends and relatives and helps to preserve the environment. It is better pra me, pra you and for all.